Free Training Event for Rabbit Owners & those Working With Them by Local Vet & Disinfectant Company to help prevent RHVD2

Submitted by Steve on 14:31, 30th Jun, 2017 | 0

On Tuesday the GSPCA are holding a special training session to help rabbit owners and professionals that may work or care for bunnies due to the outbreak of RHVD2 recently.

The event is open to everyone and free of charge although donations are very much appreciated.

There is no need to book a space but if you could email your name and number and the names of anyone that might join you to [email protected] we can prepare the training room at the GSPCA in advance or please call 01481 257261.


Update from the States Vet - WARNING TO ALL RABBIT OWNERS - Rabbit Haemorraghic Viral Disease 2 killing rabbits in Guernsey

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Earlier this week the GSPCA released information about a virus that has killed a number of rabbits in Guernsey called RHVD2 which can be seen by visiting -