Today is #WorldWildlifeDay

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Each year the GSPCA helps in excess of 2000 wild animals and birds through our doors at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Last year we saw a record breaking number of hedgehogs with over 700 through our doors and we currently have over 140 in our care and with Spring fast approaching we will soon see hoglets being born.

We are already helping fledglings and baby birds like Dave the duckling who is doing well.


Celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay by supporting our Wildlife Hospital Appeal & Wildlife in our care

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Today is #WorldWildlifeDay and with over 2000 wild animals through the GSPCA doors every year we need your support with our proposed new Wildlife Hospital and wildlife in our care.

It’s really easy to donate by going to   

The much needed facility is planned to replace a number of old buildings some which date back to the 1940’s.

Last year the GSPCA received initial planning for the much needed facility and we continue to fundraise for the facility and work on the plans.