Oopsie the cat needs you donations towards her operation – GSPCA Celebrating 150 years

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Every day the GSPCA rush animals to the vets needing vet care and treatment and one very special cat needing an operation is Oopsie.

Oopsie is one of the oldest cats at the GSPCA at 17 years old how arrived in the Autumn after her owner sadly passed away.

Oopsie is a lovely cat but unfortunately has a nasty growth in ear that needs removing.


Featuring animals needing vet operations & can you donate to their care at the GSPCA – Please help Oopsie the cat

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Oopsie is a black cat that was found as a stray last September found covered in fleas and not in the best condition.

This lovely older cat is certainly in her late teens and requires a number of treatments at the vets.

To donate to her operation and care please go to https://giving.gg/donate/charity/2/Guernsey-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals-(GSPCA)


Dog First Aid Course 9th November and Cat First aid Course 30th November

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Tomorrow the GSPCA will be holding the second dog first aid course of 2022.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who has over 25 years working in the field of animal rescue will be running the course and with over 3000 animals through the doors every year at the GSPCA the team see cases of animal first aid on a daily basis here in Guernsey.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “In May we held our first Dog First Aid Course of 2022 and we had a full house of 19.”


GSPCA helping cats, kittens and a dog from the Irish NW SPCA find new homes in Guernsey

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At the GSPCA we help 1000’s of animals every year, but we have seen a drop in numbers of dogs and cats needing our help find homes locally, although we do help them in many other ways.

In recent years we have been trying to help animals from UK and Irish SPCA animal shelters and Association of Dog and Cat Home members, but with the Covid Pandemic this has been very difficult.


Elsie loving her new home

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At the GSPCA we love to hear how the animals adopted from the GSPCA are settling in and recently we heard from the owner of Elsie the 14 year old cat who was recently adopted.

To make a donation you can go to https://giving.gg/donate/charity/2/Guernsey-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals-(GSPCA)

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Elsie arrived at the GSPCA last August with a number of health issues as a stray with no microchip.”


Edible Guernsey give semi-feral cats a new home after rescuing from a multiple cat home

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The GSPCA help 1000’s of cats every year in many ways from strays to those neglected.

When we have room we not only help island cats but we help animals from Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) which is an organisation made up of over 160 charities across the UK and Ireland.

Last October GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne brought 5 cats back from the RSPCA in Wales.

Three of the 5 were a multiple cat household.


Donate to poorly stray Pushkin's Cat Scan GSPCA Appeal

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Black and white this very poorly stray cat found in Fermain a week ago was rushed to the vets.

With multiple health issues ‘Pushkin’ as this lovely lad has been called is being treated for runny eyes to the more serious issue of a blood coming from his nose.

Pushkin is on treatment and is comfortable but requires a Cat or CT scan which will cost in excess of £900, not to mention the other care and possible operation he may need.


Happily Ever After & Adoption Process over Christmas – Dude settles into his new home

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We love to hear how animals are getting on after being rehomed from the GSPCA.

Dude who was recently rehomed was originally caught as a stray using one of our cat traps.

He was an unneutered male and kept fathering kittens and pestering female cats in the area he was living in and didn’t have anyone caring for him.

Ali Le Huray GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “Dude came in last year.”

“He was not neutered when he arrived and kept chasing female cats.”


GSPCA helping RSPCA cats thanks to Condor Ferries

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At the GSPCA we help 1000’s of cats every year but the numbers looking for homes have been decreasing over the years.

This has meant from time to time we have space in our cat pens and when we are able we help charities which are members of the Association of Cats and Dogs Home (ADCH) which are based across the British Isles and Ireland.

On Friday 29th October 2021 the GSPCA helped 5 cats from the RSPCA in Wales which were in need.


Huge thanks to the kind person for the fantastic roll of vet bedding from our Amazon Wish List

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We see so many incredibly kind donations to help our 24/7 work at the GSPCA.

We often have no idea where donations come from and this week we received an incredible donation of a very large roll of purple vet bedding with paw prints.

Vet bedding is a great product as bedding as it is so warm and comfortable and the roll will be primarily used for the many cats that come through our care.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “At the GSPCA we are often in need of items to help care for the 100’s of animals at the GSPCA.”