Once in a Lunar Eclipse - A 3am stray with a difference

Submitted by Steve on 08:19, 30th Sep, 2015 | 0

Last night the GSPCA Warden was called out by Guernsey Police to a stray that we don't see every day.

Each year around 200 stray dogs and 500+ stray cats find their way to the Shelter as well as many other species of pets.

We are also called at least 10 times a month to help with stray horses and farm animals. Thankfully most of the farm animals and horses we are called out to can be reunited with their owners or secured in a nearby field fairly quickly and easily.


Today some Guernsey Cows popped by to visit the GSPCA team

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Every day the GSPCA have visitors in all sorts of shapes and sizes but the team had an extra big surprise when after lunch a local herd of cattle popped through the hedge into the Shelter grounds.

Fortunately, the team care for, rescue and work with all kinds of animals and after a quick radio the team worked together to ensure they made their way back home with their owner.

Anna Carre Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'Well what an unusual afternoon we've had today.'