Floral Guernsey awards recognise St Andrews Floral Group and their work at the GSPCA and help from 4th Guernsey Beavers

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Last night the GSPCA Manager was invited to join the St Andrews Floral Group for the Floral Guernsey Foundation competition who announced the 2016 winners at Les Cotils.

A lovely evening was had by all with great speakers and volunteers from across Guernsey, Sark and Herm being recognised for making islands of flowers.

Sark Community Blooms took the top prize winning a Gold Award and the Lady Dorey Trophy.

There were silver gilt awards for Floral Forest, Floral St Andrews Floral group, St Saviours and Herm.


Going Wild at the GSPCA - updates on the work at the Animal Shelter thanks to St Andrews Floral Group and others

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The 'Going Wild at the GSPCA' project was launched by St Andrew’s Floral group in July 2015 and much progress has been made to provide a green framework for the buildings to improve the environment for the animals in care and attract wildlife.

The willow fedge and bird hide dome have grown well and also the wildlife hedge and native tree planting along the roadside.

For several years the pond has been leaking and sometimes only a small puddle remained in the bottom.


MASSIVE thanks to all that voted the GSPCA & St Andrews Floral Group to win the Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards

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Yesterday the Insurance Corporation Channel Islands Conservation Awards 2016 winners were announced after a lovely presentation at Les Cotils.

The GSPCA and St Andrews Floral Group have been working hard to improve the grounds at the GSPCA for wildlife, flora, fauna, education for visitors, enriching the environment for the animals in our care and may other conservation reasons and attended the awards yesterday afternoon.

Peter Walpole was present the founder of the awards as well as the Deputy Bailiff Richard McMahon both of which gave very inspirational speeches.


4th Guernsey Beavers 'Go Wild' at the GSPCA helping out with St Andrews Floral Group and the RSPB

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Last night the 4th Guernsey Beavers came along to the GSPCA to literally 'Go Wild!'

Arriving just after 6pm the large group in double figures with their leaders met volunteers from the RSPB Guernsey and St Andrews Floral Group to help the conservation work at the GSPCA.

Foraging around the GSPCA grounds the Beavers helped make a bug hotel at the Shelter as part of the work to help the wildlife in and around the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.


Check out the amazing conservation work St Andrews Floral Group are striving towards at the GSPCA with partners like the RSPB

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Over the last year the St Andrews Floral Group have raised over £10,000 and brought together in excess of 100 volunteers to help with the grounds and conservation work at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

The GSPCA are extremely grateful to St Andrews Floral Group and all that have helped and we continue to look at ways we can work together and improve the grounds for wildlife, flora and fauna.


Only takes a second to vote for us & support our application in The Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards 2016

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Support us it only takes a few seconds and vote now for the GSPCA in the Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards 2016 - http://insurancecorporation.com/peter-walpole-peoples-choice-conservation-award-guernsey/


Appeal to help improve our wildlife pond - 25 metres of drain pipe or guttering needed & other ways to help

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For the next stage of improving the grounds at the Shelter with the help of St Andrews Floral Group we are concentrating on our wildlife pond which has sadly been dropping each year in level due to a number of issues with its natural lining to hold the water which comes from a natural spring under the GSPCA.

We are continually fund raising to improve this beautiful natural feature on site which benefits much of the wildlife that lives on and around site from birds and ducks to frogs and insects and recently we have received a number of donations to enable us to start this work.


Thank you to the Insurance Corporation Conservation Award judging panel for taking the time to visit the GSPCA

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This afternoon representatives from the GSPCA, St Andrews Floral Group, RSPB Guernsey, Guernsey Trees for Life and the Little Tree Project who are all part of the 'Going Wild at the GSPCA Project' welcomed the judges from the Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards.

The judging marks the anniversary from when St Andrews Floral Group started supporting the GSPCA in helping develop the grounds around our wonderful site in the heart of Guernsey.

The work undertaken has included everything from planting natural willow hedges to improving the bio-diversity on site.