First Alpine Swift at the GSPCA & 10th recorded in Guernsey – GSPCA Celebrating 150 years

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On Friday for the first time the GSPCA were called out to what was either an injured pigeon or bird of prey at Admiral Park.

GSPCA Ambulance Driver Neil Hughes was quickly dispatched to find neither but instead a bird that we have never rescued before at the GSPCA.

Neil kindly rescued and returned the stunned bird to the GSPCA where is was neither identified as a bird of prey or pigeon but a species which migrates 1000’s of miles and is rarely seen in Guernsey.


Dave the oiled Razorbill and Galadriel the oiled Guillemot recovering well

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After the recent storms the GSPCA were called to help a small number of oiled birds.

Sadly Oscar Puff the Puffin didn’t survive but we are pleased to say that Dave the Razorbill and Galadriel the Guillemot are well on the road to recovery.

Dave was rescued on the 8th December on the Shingle Bank at L’Eree covered in oil and Galadriel was rescued at Grandes Rocques on the 10th December also covered in black oil.

After treatments and bathes by the GSPCA team both birds are looking great.


WEATHER WARNING - With extreme weather please help care for animals of Guernsey

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Once again the Bailiwick has high winds and weather that puts our animals and wildlife at risk.

Often during the winter months with the high winds and stormy weather makes it difficult for wild animals and birds to feed and rest.

With the high winds we have to ensure our pets and animals kept outside are safe and secure.

Once again GSPCA are asking those that live around and visit our coast to please watch out for injured animals in need as well as seal pups which can get separated from their mothers at this time of year especially when we see bad weather.


Updates on #NationalWildlifeDay from the GSPCA

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Each year the GSPCA helps in excess of 2000 wild animals and birds.

Last year we saw a record breaking number of hedgehogs with over 700 through our doors and we currently have over 140 in our care.

All three seal pups continue to do well with Joey as you can see from the little white coat pup is eating extremely well on his own in our pools with Ellie and Titan who also progress well.

Sadly we continue to see very sick pigeons as the Pigeon Paramyxovirus spreads across the Island and we have had birds and reports from most Guernsey Parishes.


Advice on Feeding Hedgehogs and Wildlife without Attracting Rats

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At the GSPCA we are often asked about advice on feeding wildlife but how to not to attract rats and mice.

Hedgehogs are a hugely popular animal that many of us love to attract to our gardens as they often snack on unwanted visitors like slugs and snails.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We often get asked at the GSPCA how to deter rats while helping feed wildlife in the garden.”

“We have put together tips to help with helping hedgehogs and birds here in Guernsey while deterring or not attracting rats.”


Please donate to our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal - Millie the kestrel doing well

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Only days old on the 14th May Millie the kestrel was found in St Saviours only days only with her fluffy feathers and no parents in site.

With no nest to or parents in site and far to young to be out of the nest she was rushed to the GSPCA where she has spent a number of weeks in an intensive care unit being hand fed from early in the morning until late at night.


Jake makes nest boxes during lockdown to raise funds for the GSPCA while helping nature

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It has been amazing to see such incredible ways supporters of the GSPCA and animals have been inventing all sorts of ways to raise funds for the animals at the GSPCA and the 1000’s we help every year during the Covid-19 pandemic.

9 year old Jake Hardill during lockdown has been kept busy not just with his home schooling but also making home made nest boxes for wild birds which he has been selling to raise funds for the GSPCA.


First babies of 2020 born at the GSPCA

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Today we have seen the first birth of 2020 at the GSPCA and we are delighted to say mum is a hedgehog.

As wonderful as this news is, it marks a time where we need to take extra care when out in the garden as others may have already been born and others will be due in the coming weeks.

Last year at the GSPCA we saw the highest number of hedgehogs come into our care in our history. An amazing 618 were rescued or born at the GSPCA and we have already seen 80 since the beginning of 2020, another record number.


HAPPY NEWS – Andrew doing well and soon to have a new friend

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We are pleased to say that Andrew the Jersey grey seal pup rescued over a year ago is nearly ready for the wild but we have one last step to go.

We are hoping when Pebbles the seal pup is ready to introduce them both so they can be released together.

Sadly due to the Coronavirus restrictions it is highly unlikely that we will be able to take a boat to Jersey to release Andrew where he was from with the social distancing rules in both islands.


HAPPY NEWS – Pebble the seal pup moves out into the Spring sunshine

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On the 13th February the GSPCA team were called out to a very poorly seal pup we named Pebbles and we have some great news as she is doing extremely well.

We were all so worried for her when she first arrived and she required around the clock intensive care, but each day she has improved and this week she got her first taste of the outdoors since arriving.

At only 2-3 months of age she is now eating fish well and we are all so pleased with her progress.