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With any rough and bad weather the GSPCA receives many calls about sick and injured animals.GSPCA seal rescue from Jethou in Guernsey

Yesterday just after 3pm the GSPCA had a very unusual call from Jethou.  A seal pup had been spotted coming ashore alongside the jetty and didn't seem quite right.

A call was made to the GSPCA and with the wonders of modern technology a few pictures were sent to the GSPCA where Ambulance Collection Officer Geoff George and GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne checked them out and with only a glance a rescue was mobilised due to the condition of the seal pup.

With light fading, choppy waters and an extremely emaciated seal pup the GSPCA made calls to friends and the local radio stations for a boat to transport and rescue GSPCA seal rescue from Jethou in Guernseythe vulnerable seal pup.  Within minutes the Bumblebee Boat Cruise team offered and both they and GSPCA staff Steve Byrne and Geoff George met within 15 minutes of the call at the Albert Pier to make the journey across to rescue the seal pup.

As the staff and the Bumblebee Boat made their approach those on Jethou who had first spotted the seal were there ready to receive and update the GSPCA on the latest.  The seal pup could be seen from the jetty, so once ashore Geoff and Steve raced to the scene to find a very thin and tired seal pup which on restraining and examining would have surely died over night if the rescue hadn't of taken place.

Tubing and fluids were given immediately to help stabalise the grey seal pup and then transported the short journey on foot back to the Bumblebee boat for the Bumblee Boat Cruises help rescue a seal pup with the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernseyquick journey back to Guernsey and the van ride back to the Shelter.

From the call to the seal pup settling in the the GSPCA Animal Shelter was a period of only 2 hours and the GSPCA staff wish to thank all those that offered their boats, Island FM and BBC Guernsey for putting the appeal on air and of course to the Bumblebee Cruise team for helping provide the boat and mobilising so quickly to help the seal pup.

We must also thank the very kind souls in Jethou for acting so quickly as if they hadn't the seal pup would have certainly passed away over night.

Geoff George ACO said 'The seal pup is now safe and sound at the GSPCA and we have named the pup Jethou Bumblebee.'  'Jethou Bumblebee has made itBumblebee Boat Cruises help rescue a seal pup with the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey through the first night so we are hopeful for a bright future but it is still early days.'  'Each year we normally rescue seal pups but this must have been the most unusual that I have dealt within the many years I have been with the GSPCA.' 'All of those involved were great and we must thank them all.'

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'The reception desk was inundated with offers of help after the radio appeal and we must thank everyone for their kind offer.'  'It wasn't easy coming into the jetty at Jethou but the Bumblebee team were fantastic.'  'Jethou Bumblebee is one lucky pup as without help the young seal would not be alive today.'  'The vet is due in today and will sex, age and give a good health check as well as some treatments to help Jethou Bumblebee on the road to recovery which will be sometime with the GSPCA and then rehab in a UK rescue Shelter.'

We will of course update you on Jethou Bumblebees recovery but you can see more pictures on our facebook page and videos soon on our youtube page

Seals are very dangerous and both Geoff and Steve have many years experience.  If you find a seal pup please follow the GSPCA advice and contact us on 01481 257261 - click here for advice on what to do when you find a seal pup






To make a donation to help seal pups like Jethou Bumblebbe call the Shelter on 01481 257261 or please click here

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