Jimmy the Buzzard who was shot and rescued last week is rehabilitated and now back in the wild

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We are pleased to announce that Jimmy who was rescued last week after being shot by an airgun pellet has been rehabilitated and is now back in the wild.

If it hadn't been for the kind individuals that found Jimmy the Buzzard who has been sexed as female then she would of surely died.

Only days ago Jimmy was released close to where she was found. On route she was very keen to get back to the wild and quickly made off as soon as she had the chance.


Please help us find the owner of this stray tortoise

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The second stray tortoise we have had in at the Shelter is still looking for her owner.

If you think that this may be your lost tortoise then please call the GSPCA on 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

The tortoise was found in the Vale area on the 18th May and is a female Hermans adult.

If you are looking for advice on lost and found animals please click here for details.



A busy Spring at the GSPCA

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Spring is always a busy time for the GSPCA and 2013 is no exception.

Last night in just two hours the Shelter accepted a feral kitten, a stray dog, a stray cat, a cormorant that had got trapped behind a fence, an injured duck, an injured gosling, a young collared dove and an injured gull.

That doesn't include the many others that came in throughout the day.


Second stray tortoise of 2013 - Have you lost yours?

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In just two weeks we have had two stray tortoise.

Thanks to social media and the support of the local community the first was claimed within minutes of it going on facebook and the stray rabbit we featured also was claimed very quickly.

If you think that this may be your lost tortoise then please call the GSPCA on 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

The tortoise was found in the Vale area on Saturday and is a female Hermans adult.


Another oiled bird at the GSPCA - What to do if you see any bird affected by oil

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Today the GSPCA received another oiled bird.  This time a Gull was rescued from Chouet and brought into the Animal Shelter.

Although it is not thought to be the PIB (polyisobutene) that has killed thousands of see birds along the south coast of England the GSPCA are on high alert in case of any outbreak.

You may remember only a number of weeks ago an oiled bird was found dead in Alderney due to PIB.  Here is some simple advice on what to do if you find sea life affected by this or any oiled substance -


Slygo is settling into his new foster home very nicely

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We are overjoyed to give an update on Slygo the stray terrier that was caught last week.


Join the GSPCA this Friday at the Wayside Cheer Hotel with 2Xtreme to celebrate the safe capture of Slygo the stray terrier

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After months of wandering the south cliffs of Guernsey Slygo the stray terrier was safely caught in the early hours of this morning.

The GSPCA has been working with the authorities and other charities to capture the nervous little dog that has been stray since February this year.

We must start by thanking all of the press and public in their support as without the combined help of everyone involved we wouldn't have been able to catch him.


GSPCA Summer Fayre & Dog Show at Fairfields Sunday 2nd June 2013

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On Sunday 2nd June the GSPCA will be holding a fun dog show and summer fayre at Fairfields in Castel. 

There will be plenty of parking for a donation in the field next to the show ground where marshalls will be on hand.

What’s happening?

The day starts at 11am and the Dog Show from 12.30 - 4pm (50p a class)


Jethou Bumblebee & Hanois the grey seal pups having their second date at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Today Jethou Bumblebee and Hanois the two grey seal pups at the GSPCA Animal Shelter had their second dinner date and we are pleased to say once again they got on extremely well.

Both seal pups are putting on the pounds and we are hopeful they will be ready next month to be released.

We are still appealing for donations toward fish and their care and you can do this help online by following the paypal link below or calling 01481 257261.  We thank all that have already supported both Jethou Bumblebee and Hanois so far.


GSPCA Purple Week - Guided tours & see the seals tomorrow (Friday) & next Tuesday for only £5

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As part of GSPCA Purple Week celebrating 140 years caring for animals in Guernsey we are offering guided tours around the Animal Shelter for a minimum donation of £5 per person tomorrow and next Tuesday.

The tours are approximately 45 minutes long and will include a short visit to see our grey seal pups through one way glass in our wildlife unit as well as the hedgehogs.