Larry the Madeiran lizard in need of a home

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Looking to help a reptile in need of a home, well Larry the gecko that’s travelled all the way from Madeira is now looking for a home.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “You may have heard about Larry who is a tiny lizard that hid in the bags of an islander and gave them a shock on their return from a holiday to Madeira.”

“He’s now out of quarantine and is ready to find his forever home.”

“If you can help Larry or any of the animals in need of a home please do get in touch.”


Stow away gecko furthest travelled hitch hiker arrives in #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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On Sunday morning the GSPCA received a very unusual little arrival.

For 149 years we have been helping animals and some from far further than our shores.

In 2020 just before the first lock down an Indian gecko arrived having stowed away in a bag from India who was named Mr Patel and went into a new home after following quarantine procedures.

On Sunday we had an arrival that travelled even further. A family on their return to Guernsey while unpacking discovered a tiny little Pacific gecko who had journeyed well over 8000km.