Special Dog First Aid Course held for Paws for Support and next course dates for dog and cat first aid

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On Tuesday evening the GSPCA greeted 17 volunteers from Paws for Support for an evening of training.

The training held was to learn to save dogs lives as GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne carried out the GSPCA Dog First Aid Course.

This was the first Dog First Aid course due to covid since November 2019.

The 17 ladies from Paws for Support had an informative evening with wonderful thanks and kind words shared before they left after the 2 hour training session.


‘Paws For Support’ is hosting Craig Ogilvie Interactive Play WORKSHOPS Saturday 15th + Sunday 16th December 2018

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‘Paws For Support’ is hosting Craig Ogilvie


  Interactive Play WORKSHOPS 

2hr session (6 handlers per workshop)


Participating £65          Spectating £20



Paws for Support Fun Dog Show a lovely afternoon & thanks from the GSPCA

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thanks to Paws for Support for allowing us to join them at Fairfields for their Open Day and Fun Dog Show that took place on Saturday afternoon.

The GSPCA took along lots of games and raised over £120 for the 500+ animals in the care of the Shelter.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We had a lovely afternoon at Fairfields on Saturday for the Paws for Support Open Day and Fun Dog Show.”

“It was lovely to see and learn about the great work they are doing for therapy and assistance dogs in Guernsey.”


See the GSPCA at the Paws for Support Open Day Pet Dog Show from 1pm at Fairfields Saturday 29th September

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Join us tomorrow on Saturday 29th September from 1pm for the Paws for Support Open Day and Pet Dog Show

Paws for Support are launching their new charity Paws For Support with an open day and fun pet dog show.

We will have our GSPCA stall there and would like to thank the organisors for the kind invite.

Some of the things going on include -