GSPCA celebrate 93 years at Rue des Truchots in our 150th year with our BIG BUILD plans for the future

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This October marks the GSPCA celebrating 93 years at our current site in St Andrews in our150th year.

In October 1929 the GSPCA purchased its present site in the area known as Les Fiers Moutons, St Andrews.

The house, outbuildings and ¾ vergee of land were bought freehold for £400.00 plus a further 2 vergees of land for £120.00 and an extra £5.00 included the spring and well.


BIGGEST APPEAL EVER - GSPCA BIG Build Appeal & Buy a Brick to build a brighter future for animals in Guernsey

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Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The GSPCA is currently in the process of its BIGGEST Build in our history.

Not only is it our 150th year we are currently trying to ensure the future for the GSPCA.

Ahead of the Wildlife Hospital Build we are currently building a Small Animal, Reptile and Bird Unit, the first of its kind at the GSPCA and essential before we push forward to build the Wildlife Hospital as the buildings they are in currently will be and need to be removed due to their condition and age.