Talk at the Youth Commission with a great question If you crossed the DNA of a cat with a human would you get a talking cat?

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One of the main aims of the GSPCA is education and today GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne attended the Youth Commission to talk to a group of 30 children aged 4 – 11 years.

For nearly 90 minutes they learnt all about the work of the GSPCA, animal care and the thousands of animals we help every year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Although we are unable to carry out our normal guided educational tours due to our onsite covid rules we absouletly love coming out to talk to groups about our work and educate about animal care.”


Thank you to The Prince's Trust Team who visit, fund raise for projects at the GSPCA then carry out the work

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Earlier this month the Prince's Trust team visited the GSPCA to see the work carried out and to see in what ways they could help at the Animal Shelter in Guernsey.

On the team were Rebekah Paduna, Graham De La Mare, James Roussel, Finley Evans, Stevie Ogier, Kallan Miller, Lawrence Ozanne and Sylvia Billien.

During the visit the group of 16 -25 year olds spoke to GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne about possible projects on site at the GSPCA and also ways they could raise funds to purchase the goods needed to carry out the work.