Thank you to all that supported the Creature Comforts Sponsored Dog Walk with Island FM on Sunday in aid of the GSPCA

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On Sunday 12th April at 9.30am Island FM and Creature Comforts invited dog owners to join them and ourselves on a brisk walk from Liberation Monument to Bulwer Avenue and returning to Liberation Monument.


Creature Comforts Charity Dog Walk with Island FM for the GSPCA in Guernsey

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On Sunday 12th April at 9.30am Island FM and Creature Comforts are inviting all dog owners to join us on a brisk walk from Liberation Monument to Bulwer Avenue and returning to Liberation Monument.

Minimum £5 registration fee, with all proceeds going to GSPCA.


Easter Saturday Sponsored Dog Walk for Help a Guernsey Child & the GSPCA thanks to The Pet Cabin & Island FM

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On Saturday 19th April, we are celebrating the Easter Weekend throughout the community with Island FM by asking all dog owners to come together and help raise money for Help a Guernsey Child and the GSPCA.

Through a brisk walk and some community spirit we will raise money for the charities.


Please sponsor Richard who is facing his 'No Drink' challenge to raise funds for the GSPCA

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From Monday the 14th October until and including the 13th November Richard Hardie (you may know from the Livingroom) will not be drinking any alcohol to raise funds for the GSPCA. 

Richard Hardie said 'If anyone would like to sponsor me you can pop in to our office or on the GSPCA website.' 

'My partner Simon will be keeping tabs on me including when we are away for a week!' 


Good Luck to Nouska the Husky who is having his operation today

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This morning we are wishing Nouska the Husky the best of luck with his operation to remove a cancerous lump.

Nouska who has a lump in his chest is off to the vets today to have it removed.

We are so thankful to everyone that has donated towards him.

All the team at the GSPCA will be thinking of him today and we are all hopeful for a successful operation.



Thanks to everyone who has donated to Nouska's operation so far which is happening this Wednesday

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We would like to thank everyone that has donated towards Nouska the Husky's operation so far.

Nouskas is going for his operation on Wednesday and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for this lovely lad.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are so grateful to everyone that has donated towards Nouska's operation.'

'It is estimated that it will cost over £1000 with everything and we can announce that since last Wednesday the full estimated amount has been raised and thank everyone for their support.'


Nouska needs your help - A husky needs an operation to remove a cancerous lump

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Nouska is an older husky that has found his way to the GSPCA Animal Shelter and it has developed that he has a cancerous growth in his chest.

To help save Nouska and lengthen his life next Wednesday he is having an operation to remove the lump.

With any operation there is both a risk and a cost but the vets and the team at the GSPCA feel that despite Nouska being over 10 years old he has a lot of life and love to give.


Lucky stray Budgie survives a Bird of Prey attack. Have you lost your Budgie?

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Last Thursday 'Tomcat' as he's been named had a very close escape.

Having escaped from his home Tomcat was spotted after being dropped by a Bird of Prey who nearly had him as a meal.

Fortunately the lucky Budgie that was found at Ronez Quarry was rushed to the GSPCA and is recovering well.

Tomcat is under treatment in an intensive care unit and we are appealing for the owner to come back.

Tomcat is a male Opaline Spangle Light Blue adult Budgerigar and if you have lost yours please get in touch on 01481 257261 or pop in to the Shelter in St Andrews.


Businesses supporting the GSPCA - Thank you to BDO Limited

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The GSPCA would like to officially thank BDO Limited for their Charitable Trust donation which has enabled us to erect additional aviaries that will assist in the rehabilitation and release of the many sick, injured and orphaned birds that arrive at the Animal Shelter every month.


Roy Cochrane Presents "Guernsey Changes" a colour slide and chat show at Les Cotils Saturday 20th July

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On Saturday the 20th July 2013 Roy Cochrane Presents "Guernsey Changes".

A Colour Slide and Chat Show at Les Cotils

Tickets are £6.50 each and include afternoon tea.

There is a raffle on the day and proceeds from the day will be donated to the GSPCA.

The talk starts at 2.30pm and those going are asked to arrive at 2pm.

To book your tickets please call Roy on 01481 722772 or mobile 07781446205.