Tamatoa the hermit crab at the GSPCA in need of a home

Submitted by Steve on 12:54, 12th Aug, 2022 | 0

At the GSPCA we currently have a hermit crab in need of a home.

Tamatoa is one of the more unusual animals in need of a home.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We have a number of animals in need of homes at the GSPCA from ferrets to cockerels, a king snake to a bearded dragon and Tamatoa the hermit crab is one of the most unusual.”

“Tamatoa arrived in April having been abandoned in his enclosure and thank fully despite his ordeal is doing very well."


Stow away crab hitches a lift on Olivia the turtle from where we do not know

Submitted by Steve on 23:32, 7th Mar, 2016 | 0

Last Wednesday when the team were called out to rescue Olivia the loggerhead turtle she wasn't the only one to be rescued off of the beach.

Shortly after her arrival at the GSPCA when the vet and team were checking her over a crab and some goose barnacles seem to have hitched a lift.

The goose barnacles were found attached mostly to the rear and the small clawed hitch hiker was found between Olivia's back right leg and her shell.

The crab didn't want to come out straight away but the next morning was found trying to enter the pen area of Bonnie the seal.