Huge thanks to Guernsey Freemasons for their help with the Puffin Parade

Submitted by Steve on 16:47, 27th Sep, 2023 | 0

Local Freemasons and Directors of Autism Guernsey Worshipful Brothers, Jerry Girard, Dr Nick King and Andrew Sparks joined forces with the GSPCA Manager and a Brother Steve Byrne, to raise badly needed funds for both charities by offering sponsorship of 60 handcrafted puffins which were individually painted by artists, school children, community groups and companies from across the island.


Order of the Secret Monitor Province of the Channel Islands helping house hedgehogs at the GSPCA

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Each year the Province of the Channel Islands Order of the Secret Monitor chose two charities to support and in the past year one of those charities was the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA).

The GSPCA helps over 3000 wild animals every year and many more domestic and those in need.

The animal the GSPCA helps more than any is the humble hedgehog, in fact over 700 in a year.


Huge thanks from the GSPCA to St Martins' Freemason Lodge for a fantastic donation

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On Wednesday 3rd April Worshipful Master Steve Martin from St Martins' Lodge No.4142 at the Masonic Centre in St Martins met Steve Byrne from the GSPCA with a wonderful donation.

On the 2nd March St Martins' Lodge No.4142 held a Ladies Night fundraiser and all had a fabulous time at Les Cotils where it was held.

The proceeds raised for the GSPCA was a fantastic £500 which was presented when they met and from all the team and animals at the GSPCA we want to say a huge thanks to all involved and supported the Ladies Night.