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In Guernsey the GSPCA estimate that there are approximately 8,000 to 10,000 pet dogs and also the same number in cats owned.

This estimation has recently been reinforced with the Petlog statistical data which shows in their figures that Guernsey is an island of cat owners.

The Mirror recently looked at cat microchipping data from Petlog to determine where most cats live, and the most popular cats in each area.

Unsurprisingly the most popular cats in most areas were generic mixed breed domestic cats which fill many Animal Shelters and Rescues across the UK like they do here in Guernsey.

Domestic short haired cats make up 89% of all the cats in the UK that are microchipped by Petlog.

Across the UK areas varied whether pedigrees or cross breed cats were most popular, but the statistics did show that Britain's most cat-crazy areas where here in the Channel Islands in Jersey and Guernsey.

The Petlog figures showed that there are 9 people for each cat on the islands, while on the mainland Tonbridge has 11 people for each cat.

Numbers did vary widely which could be to do with certain locations the owners are less likely to microchip their cat.

Saying this in Guernsey at the GSPCA of a sample of 500 to 600 stray cats that pass through the Shelter only 45% of these are microchipped

Here is a table with the regions with the greatest density of cats per square mile as published from the Petlog figures in the Mirror (February 2015)


People per cat













Hemel Hempstead









London is apparently swarming with cats, though. In South West London there are 803 cats per square mile. North London has 734 cats per square mile, and South East London has 633.


Cats per square mile

South West London


North London


South East London


East London


West London


North West London










In contrast, Birmingham, which has the most cats overall, has a lower cat density with just 140 cats per square mile.

The ten most popular breeds in the UK overall

Cat breed


British Shorthair










Maine Coon






British Blue


Norwegian Forest


Notes: The data above from the recent Mirror article shows details of all cats that are microchipped by Petlog. Petlog is one of the largest microchipping registers in the UK so while the data tells us some things about cat ownership in the UK, it's by no means comprehensive.

At the GSPCA we use both Petlog and Avid microchips and if you would like your pet microchipped then you can have it done at the GSPCA for only £4.99.  To find out more please call us on 01481 257261.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The recent statistics published in the Mirror were no surprise to us here at the GSPCA that Guernsey is an island of cat owners.”

“We see more cats than any other domestic species from strays to those injured, lost and found reports to the numbers we rehome at the GSPCA.”

“At the Shelter we have more cat pens than any other type and much of our new multi purpose animal welfare building will be not only to help cats in need, but will also have an area where visitors can come and visit the cats looking for homes during our opening hours.”

“Sadly we see nearly 300 cats hit by cars in Guernsey each year and less than half of these are microchipped.”

“We microchip cats for only £4.99 here at the GSPCA and it only takes a few seconds to implant and a few minutes to complete the forms.”

“Although the Petlog statistics show there are 1 cat to 9 humans in Guernsey, at the GSPCA we believe that actually there may be as many as 1 to 6.”

“Our cat buildings date back to the 50’s and 70’s and that is why they are being rebuilt in our new multi purpose animal welfare building and we are appealing for individuals and businesses to join and please support our Build Partner programme.”

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said “I have worked in the cattery here at the GSPCA for many years and we have literally seen thousands of cats come through our doors and helped many more in need.”

“Thankfully in recent years we have seen the numbers of unwanted litters of kittens and the feral number decrease, but we still see many sick, injured and occasionally cruelly treated cats that need our help.”

“In our care at present we have a cat that has injuries from another cat attacking it, we have a cat with eye problems, a cat called Tortoga with a heart condition and many more.”

“There are many ways to support our work here at the GSPCA from sponsoring a cat through our Angel Pen Pal Sponsorship scheme to buying a gift from our Amazon Wish List to helping us with our biggest build ever in our 140 year history.”

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Every year the PFMA (Pet Food Manufactures Association) commissions the well respected Pet Population report, which looks in detail at pet ownership trends.  The pet population estimates were made over two years, with total sample of 6,000. In 2014 it is estimated that 13 million (46% of) households have pets in the UK.  The pet population stands at around 65 million – including fish.

Top Ten Pets for 2014 (based on running totals over two years)

1. Fish kept in tanks: 20 - 25 million (9% of households)

2. Fish kept in ponds: 20 million (5% of households)

3. Dogs: 9 million (24% of households)

4. Cats: 8 million (17% of households)

5. Rabbits: 1 million (2.4% of households)

6. Domestic fowl: 1 million (0.8% of households)

7. Caged birds: 1 million (1.4% of households)

8. Guinea Pigs: Half a million (1.1% of households)

9. Hamsters: 400,000 (1.4% of households)

10. Lizards: 400,000 (0.7% of households) –

See more at:



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