Last call for final Puffin Parade sponsors as Puffins arrive in Guernsey and could help be a Puffin Postie?

Submitted by Steve on 12:51, 28th Sep, 2022 | 0

Autism Guernsey and the GSPCA are currently organising the Puffin Parade for 2023.

The 60 fiberglass moulds have now arrived on island and we have had 36 delivered with the remaining arriving on Friday at 2pm.

Once all are delivered thanks to Condor Ferries and Ferry speed and we have collected paint donated by Norman Piette they will be handed over to local artists, designers and community groups who will decorate them.

With nearly all sponsored Autism Guernsey and the GSPCA are looking for the final few sponsors and any artists wanting to decorate them.


Checkout CI supporting the GSPCA

Submitted by Steve on 16:55, 13th Aug, 2021 | 0

The last 18 months have been incredibly difficult for many businesses, as it has for charities.

The GSPCA would normally raise around 50% of its income through pet boarding and other services but due to 2 lock downs and travel restrictions it has been extremely difficult for the Animal Shelter to raise the £2,000 a day its costs to care for the 1,000’s of animals that come through the doors every year.

As with any organisation the GSPCA requires a system to record and process transactions from donations to sales and pet boarding.