Fire training thanks to Nickie Browning the Fire & Rescue Service Fire Safety Officer

Submitted by Steve on 17:23, 3rd Feb, 2020 | 0

The GSPCA are once again hugely grateful to Nickie Browning the Fire Safety Officer for the States of Guernsey.

For over 2 years Nickie has not only helped the GSPCA update our fire safety procedures, she has also carried out training with our team.

Once again last month Nickie spent two mornings with the team to train them in safety procedures if there was an emergency or fire at the GSPCA.


Fire Rescue & Service help with training at the GSPCA

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to Nickie Browning Fire Safety Officer from the Fire & Rescue Service for recent training and advice she has helped with at the GSPCA.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager "The Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service are truly fantastic from helping with difficult rescues to supporting our events and last month with training for our team."


GSPCA staff relit fire fighting skills thanks to G4S

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At the GSPCA we take safety of the staff, volunteers, visitors and animals very seriously.

With between 200 and 300 animals at the Shelter at any one time the team need to ensure how to act in any incident or accident.

All staff and volunteers are required to go through a comprehensive induction and read through a training booklet before they can help on site.