Hooper a lucky young Gannet recovering well at ths GSPCA having been rescued tangled in waste

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Yesterday around midday a young Gannet was found tangled in real trouble.

If he hadn’t had been rescued he would have surely perished.

Environment Guernsey Ltd helped rescue the juvenile Gannet that Chris Massey spotted at Jaonneuse yesterday morning.

It was tangled up in rope and plastic. Unfortunately, when cut free, it didn't want to head back out to sea as it was too weak - and probably starving.

The bird has been named ‘Hooper’ and we are pleased to report recovering well.


Young Gannet Mist released back to the wild by the GSPCA

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On the 23rd September 2017 ‘Mist’ an adolescent gannet was rescued from Lihou very unwell and weak and brought to the GSPCA Animal Shelter by Volunteer Warden Suzy Rose.

For the first few weeks the bird was under the supervision of our vet and care of the GSPCA team in our intensive care room for large sea birds and seal pups.

Mist responded extremely well to treatment and enjoyed a lot of fish each day.

As Mist grew stronger the bird was allowed outside on one of the GSPCA rehabilitation pools.


Asterix the gannet is waiting for a weather break to be released

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On the 4th November a young gannet was rescued on Pembroke Beach weak and unable to fly.

The bird has been in the care of the GSPCA for just over 3 weeks and has gained in strength and was recently rung ready for release.

The bird which has been named Asterix started in our intensive care room for large seabirds and was them moved onto our rehabilitation pools where it has improved day by day and is now ready for the wild.

The GSPCA team are now looking at the weather for when a break is available to release Asterix back to the wild.


Blue the Gannet released back to the wild

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On the 15th October a young gannet was rescued from Grande Rocques that was extremely weak and very ill.

The bird had to be kept under a heat lamp and was placed on a series of treatments and medications.

Also the poor gannet found it extremely difficult to digest food, and required feeding assistance.

The bird was named 'Blue' and after 3 weeks of intensive care and a period of rehabilitation on the GSPCA pool's the gannet was fit enough to release last week.

Sadly the weather wasn't ideal so staff waited until Saturday 29th November.


Gannet rescue from Jaonnaise Bay

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Yesterday the GSPCA were called out to an injured gannet at Jaonnaise Bay.

Animal Collection Officer Geoff George attended the site where he had a fair walk to find the trapped bird.

As the sun was setting during early evening Geoff found the poor bird trapped in discarded fishing netting.

It was difficult to say how long the bird had been there so he quickly restrained the bird got it back to the van and brought the bird back to the Shelter in St Andrews.

The bird has survived over night and staff are currently monitoring its progress.


Only days after the GSPCA warn about fishing waste, another bird dies due to a fish hook

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Last week at the GSPCA we issued a warning on waste and rubbish injuring animals, especially those at sea.

On Sunday the GSPCA were called out to an injured gannet at Port Soif.

Emma Trousdale from the GSPCA responded in the ambulance to rescue a gannet that had a fish hook through her eye.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "We rescue and help animals 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but the gannet rescued on Sunday must have been in a great deal of pain and it is hard to say how long the fish hook had been through the eye."


6 weeks of intensive care at the GSPCA help save John the female Gannet

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On Monday after 6 weeks of intensive care a gannet that was rescued by Animal Collection Officer Geoff George covered in oil and very sick was released back to the wild.

John as he was named, was rescued from St Peter Port harbour and was in such bad condition on entry that without the expertise and care of the Shelter team he would certainly have died in the wild.

The GSPCA has had one of the busiest starts to any year with the wild weather which killed thousands of seabirds and injured many more.


BIG FISH APPEAL - Please help support the many sick and injured seabirds and seals at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we have had the busiest start to a year with seals and seabirds than the team can remember.

Currently we have 14 guillemots, 1 gannet and 2 seal pups at the Animal Shelter.

As you can imagine they are eating a healthy amount of fish and we really need your support.

From sandeels to sprats, herring and mackerel each animal is eating large numbers to help with their recuperation.

You can donate online through our Just Giving Page, by calling 01481 257261, by post or by popping into the Shelter in St Andrews.


Happy New Year from the GSPCA but its certainly not a flying start for many Guernsey birds

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The GSPCA team and all the animals would like to wish one and all a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately the New Year and the bad weather over the last few days has certainly not helped many of our feathered friends.

New Years Day Ambulance Collection Officer spent much of the day rescuing injured birds around Guernsey.

These included a Gannet that is now named Balthazar. Balthazar was rescued by ACO Geoff George after being found exhausted and thin near Kings Mill.