Maverick the first seal pup rescue of 2022 rescued at Les Pecquiries

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This week the GSPCA team were made aware of a very poorly thin seal pup along the Guernsey coast.

Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George did get very close to the pup yesterday but it manged to get away.

This morning we had another call and thanfully Geoff managed to contain the grey seal pup who is now back in intensive care at the GSPCA, separate to the other 6 seals in our care.


Blueberry the grey seal pup rescued at Fort Grey joins 4 others at the GSPCA

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Only last week the GSPCA were near Fort Grey releasing Pork Pie and Titan both well over 60kgs in weight and over a year old.

Today a report came in of a beached grey seal pup in the same area.

Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George after feeding the 4 seal pups at the GSPCA this morning got the call and headed down to check out if  the pup was okay or needed help.


First Herm rescue seal pup Jagho Herman and first Guernsey pup of the season Luna C

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Last week the GSPCA warned of the dangers of the stormy weather and sadly two orphaned grey seal pups were the result.

On Saturday the GSPCA had a report of a seal pup hauled up between Fort Doyle and La Fontenelle Bay, so Geoff George headed out to check out what had been seen with his partner Dani Brouard.

The 6 week old seal pup was found dehydrated and at only 25kgs, 15kgs under her ideal weight.

The pup has been called Luna C and is now under the 24/7 care of Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals and the GSPCA team.


Elisa the poorly grey seal pup arrives at the GSPCA

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In the early hours of this morning the GSPCA Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George was out collecting from the harbour the second grey seal pup of the season needing our help.


GSPCA rescue seal pup at Perelle – ideas for names and please donate to their care

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This morning the GSPCA were called out to attend what was reported to be a poorly seal pup at Perelle.

The team were dispatched to find an approximately 12 week old grey seal pup.

Only a little under weight the main concerns was it being lethargic and very chesty.

The pup was collected by Head of Marine Mammals GSPCA Geoff George and is now safely at the GSPCA.


Last day of 2020 sees the GSPCA rescue Titan the seal pup

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New Years Eve saw the GSPCA team called out to the Fairy Ring to check out a possible seal pup in need.

GSPCA team members Geoff George and Beckie Bailey headed out to find a very under weight and weak.

To donate to the seal pups and animals in our care please visit


Ellie the Jersey poorly seal pup arrives at the GSPCA

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Yesterday an exhausted newborn grey pup was recued by BDMLR Jersey from Plemont beach.

They thank Ellie & family for calling it into the JSPCA out of hours driver who alerted them.

The pup was seen flailing around at sea with surfers in huge swell and came onto the beach exhausted.

The temporary white coat is not waterproof and pups this young should remain on land if possible until they moult this coat.

Sadly it is likely this pup was washed away from mum with the huge swell and if it had continued to float around at sea it would have eventually drowned.


GSPCA Advice - With stormy weather keep an eye out for seal pups in need

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Every Autumn the shores of the Bailiwick see Grey Seal pups being born and the GSPCA are issuing advice today on what to do especially with the rough weather that is due.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “With the stormy weather due and seal pup season upon us around our shores the GSPCA are asking islanders to be vigilant when around the coast.”


Seal Pups Pebbles and Andrew soon to be in the wild please donate to their final farewell meal

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Pebbles who was rescued in Guernsey 5 months ago and Andrew the Jersey seal pup who is our longest ever seal in rehab at an incredible 19 months are both ready for their release to the wild.

All being well with weather conditions in the next 24 hours, both Andrew and Pebbles will be released back into the wild after an incredible amount of hard work by the team at the GSPCA and especially Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals.


Magical as Hannah and Mambo last two 2018/19 Guernsey seal pups released back to the wild

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Just after lunch today the last two Guernsey seal pups from the last breeding season were released back into the wild.

Mambo who was rescued near Fort Doyle on the 4th February and Hannah was found near the Fairy Ring two weeks later and was the sixth seal pup to arrive into our care last winter.

It has been an extremely busy year for grey seal pups with two from Jersey and 4 rescued in Guernsey.