Adopted kittens Jack and Luli (was Jill) all grown up living in Alderney 4 years on

Submitted by Steve on 12:12, 20th Dec, 2016 | 0

We were recently over joyed to get an update on Jack and Luli who was Jill, two cats that were adopted as kittens in the Summer of 2012.

Born at the Shelter from their mother Darwina a stray cat brought to the Shelter in the Spring of 2012 they were adopted and moved to live with Patti Bret in Alderney that Summer.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant and head of the cattery said "We always love to get updates of the cats we have rehomed and hat a wonderful gift at Christmas to see how two of the kittens born at the Shelter are doing 4 years on."