Pop by to see animals looking for homes & help us advertise them

Submitted by Steve on 09:42, 17th May, 2014 | 0

With the sunny weather many of our animals our outside on view at the Shelter so if you are passing please pop by to see bunnies, Blakey the ferret and a selection of birds.

Over the last few days staff and volunteers have been popping out a selection of animals which you can see when you pop in the Shelter.

Our reception area is open 9am to 5pm today and has a wide selection of pet goods so when popping by you can grab cat food to bird seed.

We are also asking if you could pop a poster up os some of the animals looking for homes.


Thank you to all that supported the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk with Sidney's Events

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The GSPCA would like to thank everyone that turned out for the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk yesterday with Sidney's Events.

Nearly 30 dogs and walkers arrived at Rue des Anvilles car park to walk the 3 miles of pathes around the Reservoir.

Some in fancy dress and all with smiles, the group of walkers with tiny dogs like Jack Russels and Pugs to German Shepherds and Red Setters all had a lovely walk, with beautiful scenery, enjoying each others company whilst raising funds to help animals in Guernsey.


Help Us Find Animals New Homes - Late Night Viewing of Animals at the GSPCA 1st & 2nd October

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The GSPCA is currently inundated with animals in need of new homes.

If anyone is looking for a new pet then many of them can be seen on our website www.gspca.org.gg/animals and we are open for viewing for those interested in adopting 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.


The GSPCA is taking part in the Oil Spill Preparedness Plans tested for wildlife this week

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 Oil spill training for wildlife organisations and those involved in helping to alleviate the effects on wildlife of a major oil pollution incident will take place  at  the   Guernsey Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) as part of the States of Guernsey preparedness measures on Wednesday 11th  September 2013.


Blizzard conditions highlight concerns for tethered Guernsey cattle

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Last week the GSPCA was inundated with calls of tethered cattle that were left out in the blizzard conditions.

Despite the awful weather, Shelter staff drove to many of the animals to check their condition and we reported our concerns to the owners.

With tethering of cattle being a legal practice within Guernsey the Shelter was unable to take any action other than passing our concerns to the owners of the animals.


Pickles the cat has cancer and needs your support

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At only 7 years old a cat called Pickles here at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey has been diagnosed with skin cancer and needs your support.

Every year we get cats with the early stages of skin cancer in their ears and Pickles is one that is in urgent need of an operation.


Cinders is doing well after her operation yesterday

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You may have heard about or seen Cinders the cat on the internet or local media.

She came in to the Shelter for rehoming but unfortunately had a number of issues with her health, teeth and gums.

Cinders had an initial opertation and has been on treatment for two months but unfortunately yesterday the brave decision had to be made to remove all but her 4 canines leaving her with a very gummy mouth.

Although never an easy decision, despite a series of treatments, it was decided to remove many of Cinders teeth as it was in her best interest.


Felix really needs your help after more than a year in search of that forever home at the GSPCA

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Felix arrived at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in October in 2011 and has been at the Shelter for well over a year which makes her the longest stay cat in need of a new home. Many of you will know of Victor a cat who also came in around the same time and we are pleased to say he is off to a new home very soon.

Unfortunately Felix came in as a 3 year old semi-feral and as such was extremely nervous and timid after her bad start in life.


GSPCA Working to Help Educate Pet Traders and Pet Owners

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The GSPCA is currently planning to approach various Pet Shops throughout the Island to see if working together could better the welfare of the animals sold in Pet Shops and help with general concerns from the public.  The welfare of animals within Pet Shops has always been a concern at the GSPCA and so the opportunity to work along side a responsible Pet Shops is a fantastic opportunity.


Slippery snake does a Houdini act

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Just over a week ago a stray snake arrived at the Shelter after being brought in by ACO Geoff George.

The snake was spotted basking in the sun and was placed safely in a container where she spent several days before doing a Houdini act.

The little lady managed to escape and Shelter staff are now looking for her.

It is highly unlikely she has got out of the Shelter as she was in a secure room and building but if you do spot a Californian King Snake please get in touch.