Appeal for information in regards 4 peregrine falcon shown died of professional-use pesticides & GSPCA Bird of Prey update

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Statement from the States of Guernsey website -

‘The States of Guernsey results from the post-mortem and analysis of stomach contents of a fourth peregrine falcon have shown that it too died of professional-use pesticides.

States Veterinary Officer David Chamberlain and Deputy States Veterinary Officer Grace Hodgkinson have confirmed the results for the bird, which was found dead in June.


Buzzard rescued in Herm

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Earlier this month an injured and poorly buzzard was recued in Herm.

The bird of prey is more likely to be seen in Guernsey with regular sighting in the air at the GSPCA in St Andrews and around the larger island.

The buzzard who was unable to fly and extremely thin has been named Arnold and is making a steady recovery and is now out in one of our rehabilitation aviaries at the GSPCA.


Buzz Aldridge an injured Alderney buzzard now at the GSPCA

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Earlier this week an injured Alderney buzzard took an Aurigny flight to Guernsey.

The injured bird of prey which was recently taken in by Alderney Animal Welfare Society and on Wednesday 'Buzz Aldridge' as the bird has been named was transported by plane to Guernsey Airport and then on to the GSPCA where we have the facilities to care and rehabilitate a variety of wildlife.

The bird is very weak and struggling to fly so will likely need time to rehabilitate.


Jimmy the Buzzard who was shot and rescued last week is rehabilitated and now back in the wild

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We are pleased to announce that Jimmy who was rescued last week after being shot by an airgun pellet has been rehabilitated and is now back in the wild.

If it hadn't been for the kind individuals that found Jimmy the Buzzard who has been sexed as female then she would of surely died.

Only days ago Jimmy was released close to where she was found. On route she was very keen to get back to the wild and quickly made off as soon as she had the chance.


Appeal for Information about a Buzzard that has been shot in Guensey

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Earlier this week GSPCA staff were called out to help rescue a Bird of Prey.

On arriving at the scene at La Coudre, St Pierre Du Bois GSPCA staff member Annabelle Janes was shown the way to where the Bird had been found.

She quickly secured the very distressed Bird and made her way directly to Eturs Vets.

On closer inspection the Bird was identified as a Buzzard which had been shot by an air gun or rifle through the right shoulder.