GSPCA Youtube Account has over 10,000 views

Submitted by GSPCA on 09:56, 29th Oct, 2012 | 0

Nearly a year on since the account was opened the GSPCA Youtube account this morning had our 10,000th view.

With over 160 video clips the GSPCA youtube account has videos from the animals looking for homes to wildlife releases, fund raisers to new arrivals.

The GSPCA use the account to show much of the wonderful work that we do, as well as an educational tool such as the video clip on pet advice during firework periods which can be seen below.  You can also see a video clip of our newest edition at the GSPCA Animal Shelter thanks to some very kind people featured below.


Christmas Fayre Video 2011

Submitted by GSPCA on 16:20, 18th Dec, 2011 | 2

All had a wonderful day at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Christmas Fayre this weekend.

Below is a video featuring some of the pictures from the day and again thank you to one and all that supported and helped.  Many of the pictures can be seen on our facebook page (click here to go our facebook page and add us as a friend).