Don't forget the fireworks and ensuring your pets are safe on New Years Eve

Submitted by Steve on 16:02, 16th Dec, 2015 | 0

On New Years Eve at midnight to celebrate the New Year many will be setting off fireworks, so please think of your pets and animals around you.

Every year the GSPCA are called out and receive stray dogs and cats during periods of fireworks, which have either escaped or run off due to being scared by the loud bangs they make.

Sadly less than 45% of the stray dogs and cats are microchipped that are found as strays and brought to the GSPCA, and even less have collars with tags.


Happy New Year From All At The GSPCA

Submitted by GSPCA on 13:44, 1st Jan, 2012 | 0

A Happy New Year to one and all from the GSPCA.

The Society was formed in 1873 to prevent cruelty to animals, to rescue animals in distress, to provide shelter for stray, unwanted and sick animals, to encourage and foster by means of promotion and education, kindness and consideration in the treatment of domestic and wild animals.

That means for over 137 years we have been helping the animals of Guernsey and this year we are especially excited about the new animal welfare legislation that will give even more protection to the animals of Guernsey.


GSPCA Opening Times over the Festive Period

Submitted by GSPCA on 20:23, 28th Dec, 2011 | 0

With the run up to Christmas we slow our rehoming as the GSPCA doesn’t believe in pets as presents.  We have already had a number of calls from people asking if we have any puppies or kittens that can be adopted over Christmas and we would like to remind everyone that an animal is for life and is not a gift item that is thought of as a surprise gift.

Also our opening times alter due to the public holidays.