GSPCA Launches new lost online form for those pet owners in search of their beloved pets

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Every year the GSPCA helps over 1000 lost, stray and missing animals every year.

Thankfully many are reunited very quickly but for those that aren’t it can be a stressful and upsetting time for the owners missing their pet.

The GSPCA have a page full of lost and found advice which can be found by going to

To help speed up the process of helping reunite missing pets with their owners the GSPCA have launched a lost or missing pet online form.


Carey Olsen staff rescue Carey the stray canary – is your canary missing?

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This afternoon the GSPCA were called to the offices of Carey Olsen for a stray budgie.

When we arrived the budgie was in fact a canary, but the kind staff had managed to safely catch the lost bird and call the team at the GSPCA.

To see a VT of Carey the canary please check out

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Around lunch time today we had an emergency call at the GSPCA to what was reported as a stray budgie.”


PLEASE HELP... Sterling is a silver tabby who has been missing since 1 October 2017

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Please help find Sterling the silver tabby cat find his way home.

At the time he went missing, he was wearing a blue collar with a bell attached.

There have been many sightings of him around the area of St Saviours and some quite close to his home.

His owners are very worried about him, and desperately want him back.  If you think you have seen Sterling, please put out some food for him, but don’t attempt to catch him as he will be very nervous by now and will most likely run away, please call, day or night.


If you go down to the Cobo Nature Trail you might be in for a big surprise – Stray bearded dragon found

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This evening a member of public while out for a walk along the Nature Trail near Cobo came across a wild animal more likely to be seen living in the desserts of Australia.

On a lovely Spring evening just after 8pm a bearded dragon has been found.

Now at the GSPCA although a little thin the reptile has been named ‘Debbie’ and is safe, warm with some fresh food and water in a vivarium.

The GSPCA are appealing to anyone that has lost their bearded dragon to please call the Shelter on 257261 or to pop in to the GSPCA in St Andrews.


Search for Stray Cat in St Andrews is still in the area (please share & call 257261 any sightings) - A 2 1/2 year old male tabby

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The GSPCA continue the search for a tabby and white cat who went missing on Friday the 30th March and has been seen multiple times in the fields and gardens around Bailiffis Cross and surrounding area.

He has white paws, goldy eyes and is a strippy tabby. He is very friendly. No collar. Short haired. He is microchipped and has been seen playing with other cats in the area.

The GSPCA have a number of reports and sightings in and around the St Andrews area and have traps and wildlife cameras out to help search and the capture of Tiago.


Stray cat found in St Peter Port – long haired female tortie adult cat now at the GSPCA

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Last night the GSPCA warden on call collected a stray cat from St Peter Port and the GSPCA are currently appealing for an owner to come forward.

The female, tortie, long haired, adult cat is currently at the GSPCA, fit and well.

Sadly she has no microchip or tag and if anyone has any information please call the Shelter on 257261.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Last night GSPCA Warden Michelle Champion was called out to collect a stray cat that has been around the Capston Walk area in St Peter Port."


Have you lost your cockerel? Lawrence rescued with a head injury forgot his way home

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Last week on the 1st March a stray cockerel was rescued near the reservoir.

The bird was found with a head injury and collected by Animal Collection Officer Geoff George and is being cared for at the GSPCA.

Geoff George Animal Collection Officer said "We rescued the bird on the 1st March and are appealing for an owner to come forward."

"Despite his head injury he is doing well and if anyone is missing any animal in Guernsey please do call us on 257261."


Did you leave your chickens at the gym? Two stray chickens found at Beau Sejour now at the GSPCA

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Earlier this month two chickens were rescued at Beau Sejour.

The two birds weren't actually in the gym but walking around the car park through the cars and vans parking.

GSPCA Animal Collection Officer Geoff George was called out on the 16th February and to date no owner has come forward.


Pop Corn the corn snake is back home safe and sound

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Earlier this week a Corn Snake was found and rescued by the GSPCA on Route de la Mare de Carteret.

After advertising the stray snake online and through the local media we are delighted to report that the female 5 year old snake who was very much loved and missed by her owner is now home safe and sound.

Owner Teresa Rodgers said "She is doing well and letting us handle her again without any problems."

"Jake has two corn snakes a male Corn Flake and Pop Corn a female."

"She is 5 years old and Jake has had her from a baby."


Stray tortoise found near the PEH now at the GSPCA

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On Friday 9th September a Herman tortoise was been rescued in near the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

He is now in the care of the Shelter in a pen under the care of the team at the GSPCA.

The team have named him 'Micky' and we are appealing for the owner to please get in touch.

During Spring and Summer the GSPCA often see up to 30 male stray tortoise, although we rarely see females that are lost.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "Poor Micky the stray tortoise that arrived on Friday was found near the PEH."