Woodrow the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker from so poorly to back in the wild

Submitted by Steve on 19:51, 11th Jul, 2024 | 0

At the GSPCA we never know what will arrive through the doors.

One recent arrival was Woodrow a woodpecker found very poorly below a window in St Peter Port

Jack Le Moigne GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “On the 27th June we had a more unusual arrival at the GSPCA.”

“A member of public found a woodpecker in a gutter.”

“Apparently it flew into finder's window.”


Woody the Great Spotted Woodpecker released back to the wild by the GSPCA

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On Sunday the GSPCA had a poorly Great Spotted Woodpecker brought in.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said “On Sunday we had a Great Sotted Woodppecker that has been called Woody.”

“Woody was found on a patio and it is likely he flew into a window which caused a concusion of some sort.”

“Not all the wildlife need weeks or months of care and after 2 days of rehab we decided itoday was a good day to release him back to the wild where he was found in Torteval.”