Can you help make knitted nests for our baby birds at the GSPCA

Submitted by Steve on 15:44, 16th Jul, 2020 | 0

The GSPCA has had an incredibly busy year in 2020 with baby birds of all shapes and sizes.

We are appealing for volunteers to make knitted nests for the baby birds in our care. 

With our intensive care units bursting with young animals these nests really help keep young birds feel safe and keep them warm.


Baby Birds

Submitted by GSPCA on 16:05, 19th Apr, 2011 | 0

As the days become warmer and the Islands’ birds begin to nest we are starting to see the first fledglings arriving at the Shelter for a bit of TLC and a warm box to rest in. While many of the birds brought in to us genuinely need our help after being rescued from the jaws of a neighbour’s cat or the family dog, we do still receive baby birds that are perfectly healthy and have been picked up rather hastily by well meaning members of the public.