Pre Puppy Seminar at the GSPCA with Canine Behaviour Guernsey, have you booked your place for Saturday?

Submitted by Steve on 08:11, 19th Apr, 2019 | 0

On Tuesday evening Canine Behaviour Guernsey held a Puppy Seminar for GSPCA team members after the working day.

Many of the GSPCA team had a lovely evening with Anna Brehaut wo gave them a great insight into puppies and their behaviour.

If you wonder ‘Why Does My Puppy...?’ then book your place now.

A look into why our puppies behave the way they do.

All welcome taking place on Saturday 20th April at the GSPCA Training and Events Room

Starts at 10am to 12pm

Costs are £30 per person with Canine Behaviour Guernsey.