Enrique the Common Viper from Spain, Peter the Python and Corina the Corn Snake in need of new homes

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Currently at the GSPCA we have 3 snakes in need of homes.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “At the GSPCA we have Enrique the Common Viper from Spain, Peter the Python and Corina the Corn Snake in need of new homes.”

“From Enrique who is tiny to Peter who is over 3 feet we really want to find these snakes the best home we can.”

“Ideally they need homes with experienced homes or those that have done a lot of homework on their care.”

“They all need specialist vivarium’s and all eat diets that might make those a little squeamish uncomfortable.”


Stow away snakes from Mexico and Spain make it to Guernsey and the GSPCA

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Last week the GSPCA did not  have 1 but 2 calls to  rescue snakes that managed to travel the huge distance to Guernsey.

On the 18th May GSPCA team member Neil Hughes was called out to a local Garden Centre kitchen where a snake had stowed away with cabbages from Spain.

Tiny Tim as the very small snake has been called is a Viperine Snake which does have venom for their prey but they do not bite as a form of defence and even if it did would be harmless to humans.


GSPCA Volunteer Animal Ambulance Warden called out for snake at Bordeaux Harbour

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Last Thursday the GSPCA was called during a rising tide to one of the outcrops at Bordeaux Harbour to rescue a snake.

The grey and black  photos of the animals were sent to the GSPCA Animal Ambulance Warden Suzy Rose who called the GSPCA Manager and informed the States Vet.

The pictures were scrutinised by many of the team and although some concerns were raised we are here to help animals and a plan was made to venture to the grassy outcrop of rocks when the next low tide occurred during daylight hours.


Worst case of reptile starvation the GSPCA has seen results in the owner being banned

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Last October the GSPCA were involved in rescuing 4 reptiles some of which were so thin they were lucky to still be alive.

After months of care at the GSPCA the owner of the animals attended the Magistrates Court in St Peter Port yesterday.

The animals involved were 2 corn snakes, a royal python and a bearded dragon.  When they were rescued it was apparent that they hadn’t been cared for in some time due to the state of the enclosures which were extremely dirty and not appropriate for the animals due to the fittings and lack of provisions.