GSPCA celebrate 93 years at Rue des Truchots in our 150th year with our BIG BUILD plans for the future

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This October marks the GSPCA celebrating 93 years at our current site in St Andrews in our150th year.

In October 1929 the GSPCA purchased its present site in the area known as Les Fiers Moutons, St Andrews.

The house, outbuildings and ¾ vergee of land were bought freehold for £400.00 plus a further 2 vergees of land for £120.00 and an extra £5.00 included the spring and well.


136th GSPCA AGM, 150 year Celebrations, Awards & New Plans Thursday 20th July 2023 7pm arrival at the Animal Shelter

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The GSPCA would like to invite members and those interested to join us at our 136th AGM on Thursday 20th July 2023 to celebrate our 150 year history.

Welcome drinks and nibbles will be available from 7pm, with the meeting starting at 7.30pm at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews., GY6 8UD 

The main agenda items and itinerary will be -


Last few Christmas Lottery Tickets at the GSPCA left to sell to help charities in Guernsey

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For the fourth year the GSPCA has tickets for the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery on sale at the Animal Shelter reception desk and you only have hours left.

The 2015 tickets which are only £2 each are on sale and each have two numbers on and a scratch card section.

Profits from the lottery will help local charities, which is due to be drawn on 18th December 2014.


Jessie has the all clear from the vets and is happy to be home at long last

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After a 9 week operation to catch Jessie she was finally caught yesterday as the sun rose in Port Soif.

The poor beagle had been rescued in April from a UK rehoming centre and managed to escape as she had pulled a flexi lead out of the owners hands which spooked her when it hit the floor and she took off.

Since late April the GSPCA have been working with the owners to rescue Jessie and the team at the Animal Shelter were overjoyed yesterday when after a huge operation they were able to catch her thanks to a massive effort and a kind member of public helping.


We are happy to report Jessie has been caught this morning and is safe at the GSPCA ready to go back home

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Today after 9 weeks of searching we are delighted to report that we have caught Jessie the stray beagle at our giant man made dog trap.

Just after 5.30am a dog walker passing by the GSPCA man made dog trap that was designed by Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager, equipped by Project and Access Scaffolding, placed and erected by the GSPCA team and finished off by a team from States Works saw Jessie enter through the only entrance.


JESSIE UPDATE - Jessie grows confident around new GSPCA trap - sightings 257261 - PLEASE DO NOT CHASE OR FOLLOW HER

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Over the last few days Jessie has been growing in confidence in and around our new trap although quite wary.

The plan soon will be to close off a number of the entry points so that a GSPCA team can camp out to trap her inside.


New plan for Jessie thanks to Project & States Works - Please DO NOT follow or chase her

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A new plan has been launched today to catch Jessie the stray beagle, but we are having dozens or reports of people trying to chase or follow her which is extremely unhelpful.

Again we had over a dozen sightings yesterday by phone and messaged through to us at the GSPCA and we appreciate all of the continued support.

The new escalated capture of Jessie has been launched after the kind temporary permissions from the States to fence an area off around the trap.


Jessie the stray beagle remains on the west coast - thank you for all the reports - any sightings please call 257261

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Yesterday we were very worried that Jessie may have left the west coast of Guernsey, but we are pleased to report she appears to remain in the area.

We had over a dozen sightings yesterday by phone and messaged through to us at the GSPCA and we appreciate all of the continued support.

We are currently escalating the capture of Jessie and just received temporary permissions from the States to fence an area off around the trap to help with her capture.


Stray beagle Jessie was on the west coast this morning but we've a possible sighting in St Andrews this lunch time

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First thing this morning we are aware that Jessie the stray beagle was around the west coast and feeding next to our dog trap.

We have just received a report that may indicate that she is back in St Andrews, but we are appealing if you do see her to please call 257261.

We are aware that Jessie has been chased by members of public trying to catch her which we are asking people not to do as this will scare her from the area she is happy in and may have resulted in her moving inland.


UPDATE - Jessie the stray beagle - PLEASE DO NOT CHASE OR FOLLOW HER - any sightings 257261

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Jessie continues to remain along the west coast and we are very thankful for all of the reports.

Her confidence is building once again around the trap and we are hoping that she will continue to do so.

We would like to highlight she is very timid and nervous and please DO NOT chase or follow her as it is likely to scare her from the area she is happy in.

Here is the update from Friday -