Stray very poorly tabby and white cat on a drip at the vets found in Castel

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This afternoon a cat was rescued in a garden that had collapsed.

The female stray tabby and white cat is extremely thin and is extremely dehydrated so was rushed to the vets where she is currently on a drip.

She sadly has no microchip and blood results are showing she has some major health issues.

The cat was found in Castel and will need to stay with our vets as she is so poorly.

We are appealing to anyone that has lost their tabby and white cat to please call the Shelter on 257261 or to pop in to the GSPCA in St Andrews.


PLEASE HELP... Sterling is a silver tabby who has been missing since 1 October 2017

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Please help find Sterling the silver tabby cat find his way home.

At the time he went missing, he was wearing a blue collar with a bell attached.

There have been many sightings of him around the area of St Saviours and some quite close to his home.

His owners are very worried about him, and desperately want him back.  If you think you have seen Sterling, please put out some food for him, but don’t attempt to catch him as he will be very nervous by now and will most likely run away, please call, day or night.


Search for Stray Cat in St Andrews is still in the area (please share & call 257261 any sightings) - A 2 1/2 year old male tabby

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The GSPCA continue the search for a tabby and white cat who went missing on Friday the 30th March and has been seen multiple times in the fields and gardens around Bailiffis Cross and surrounding area.

He has white paws, goldy eyes and is a strippy tabby. He is very friendly. No collar. Short haired. He is microchipped and has been seen playing with other cats in the area.

The GSPCA have a number of reports and sightings in and around the St Andrews area and have traps and wildlife cameras out to help search and the capture of Tiago.


Stray black very timid adult cat caught in St Peter Port with no chip now at the GSPCA

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On Wednesday evening just after 1130pm a black cat was caught in a cat trap in a property car park in St Peter Port.

The cat which had been seen many times in the area over a 2 month period appeared thin and extremely nervous and appeared to be living in the car park which raised concerns over whether it had an owner.

The GSPCA after some advice lent a trap to catch the cat and with 24 hours the cat was caught and brought up to the Shelter where the black feline has been named 'Tomsie'.


Stray cat found in St Peter Port – long haired female tortie adult cat now at the GSPCA

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Last night the GSPCA warden on call collected a stray cat from St Peter Port and the GSPCA are currently appealing for an owner to come forward.

The female, tortie, long haired, adult cat is currently at the GSPCA, fit and well.

Sadly she has no microchip or tag and if anyone has any information please call the Shelter on 257261.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Last night GSPCA Warden Michelle Champion was called out to collect a stray cat that has been around the Capston Walk area in St Peter Port."


Please watch out for a tabby cat that has been hit by a car in the Jerbourg area

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Earlier today a cat was reported being hit by a car in the Jerbourg area.

It was reported to be an adult tabby cat that ran into the near by fields.

The GSPCA have been out to search the area with sadly no joy or sign of the cat.

If you are in the area please watch out for the cat and any sightings or information please call us on 01481 257261.

For information on lost and found pets please visit -


You can now report your lost pet online at the GSPCA 24/7

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At the GSPCA we help thousands of lost and found pets every year.

Each year 200 dogs stray are rescued and brought into the GSPCA, and over 500 cats that are stray or involved in an accident, not to mention everything from parrots to tortoise, snakes to hamsters and many more.

To help speed up the process of reporting your pet lost and so that you can now report the your pet missing 24 hours 7 days a week you can now complete a lost report online which automatically goes onto our system.


Have you lost a very poorly ginger cat in St Peter Port?

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Yesterday the GSPCA rescued a very poorly ginger cat.

The stray ginger very thin entire male was found with no microchip or collar in St Peter Port.

We have now named the young adult male cat Elmo but due to his ill health he has been rushed to the vets where they are keeping in their care on a drip.

Elmo has been in the La Petite Fontaine area since Sunday the 17th August.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "I have just spoken to our vets and Elmo is not very well at all and will need to be kept in at the vets over the weekend on a drip."


GSPCA cat rescue Blue Peter style in Vauvert - Have you lost a female tabby semi long haired cat?

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Today the GSPCA were called to rescue a stray cat that was trapped behind a shed.

It is unclear how long the cat had been stuck, but she is now safe at the GSPCA.

Annie Janes Animal Care Assistant and Collection Officer attended the address in New Place, Vauvert earlier today after the call was received at the Animal Shelter.

The tabby semi long haired cat on arrival seemed in some distress and our collection officer was unable to reach the cat.


GSPCA appeal for the owner of an old ill friendly black female cat from the La Vrangue area

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The GSPCA are appealing for the owner of a very old ill black cat that came into the Shelter yesterday. The female cat is not well at all and has seen the Shelter vets. If anyone is missing an old black cat from the La Vrangue area we are urging the owner to come forward as soon as possible. She is not microchipped and has no collar. If you have lost your black cat then please pop into the Shelter or call 01481 257261 as a matter of urgency.