Winter Advice for Guernsey's Animals and Birds from the GSPCA

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With cold winter weather soon to be upon us the GSPCA want pet owners to consider all the animals of Guernsey.

During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the low temperatures.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "With Winter on its way, at the GSPCA we want to ensure pets and other animals kept and live outside are safe and have all they need."


Happy New Year, thank you for your support and 2013 is a BIG year for the GSPCA

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The GSPCA would like to wish one and all a very Happy New Year for 2013 and we hope everyone has had a nice Christmas.

Please remember your pets and animals tonight on this eventful evening when many celebrate until the early hours of the morning bringing in the New Year.

For advice on caring for pets during periods with fireworks please click here.


First Ducklings Born Today at the GSPCA in 2012

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Today when one of our Senior Care Assistants went to feed some of the wildlife when she discovered a lovely treat.

One of our female ducks hatched 14 little ducklings and proceeded to take them down onto the pond to see Gert and her friends.

To find out more on our Easter Fayre & Cupcake Competition Saturday 31st March


12th St Marys Brownies Sign up for the GSPCA Cupcake Week - 25th - 31st March

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Aimee Garvey and Catherine Gill (who won Gert the ducks Christmas card competition 2011) are baking cupcakes for their brownie troop on 26th March.  They are from the 12th St Marys Brownies and the GSPCA would like to thank them and their troop for registering.

To find out more details about Cupcake Week

GSPCA Cupcake Week Guernsey


GSPCA attending at Easter Egg Hunt fundraiser at Blanchelande School Field 1.30pm - 4.40pm 25th March 2012

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GSPCA attending this Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunt for young children and families.

Date: Sunday, 25th March from 1:30 until 4:30

Location: Blanchelande School Field

There will be hidden markers for the children to find, and they will then receive chocolate eggs and treats based on how many they collect. The children will be organised into age groups, so that the markers can be hidden accordingly.


Gert the duck and friends visit our donkeys at the GSPCA Animal Shelter, Guernsey

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GSPCA Supports The Bird Garden Bird Watch

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This weekend the GSPCA is supporting the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

We too would like to encourage people to go out and see what birds are in the gardens of Guernsey.  For more details go to the RSPB website –


Razy the Razorbill on the mend

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Razy the Razorbill is doing well and on the mend. Nearly a week since he arrived he’s getting daily physio on one of our rehabilitation pools and we are hopeful he will be ready for release back to the wild soon.


Winter Advice for Guernsey's Animals and Birds

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With winter and cold weather with us and potential snow on the way the GSPCA want pet owners and the public to consider all the animals of Guernsey. During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the cold weather.

But you can also do your bit to prevent animals suffering over the cold period.

DO you have a pond?


Visitors enjoyed the tours around the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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This weekend we welcomed Islanders to our first of the two planned guided tour events.  The sun was shining and the three tours were received extremely well.

The visitors were walked around the Shelter being shown the facilities and getting close to the 200 resident animals and birds.

The tour started in the newly refurbished wildlife unit and went to each of the Shelters departments meeting staff and volunteers whilst finding out what we do and our plans for the future.