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Over the past month the GSPCA has seen a rise in the number of cats that have been brought into the Shelter following a road traffic accident. The most commonly given reason by the driver for hitting the animal is that they just “simply didn’t see it”.   And sadly the GSPCA is expecting to see a further increase in these numbers as the nights draw in, the clocks go back and we find ourselves lighting up to for the drive home.

Thankfully many cats could be saved from a potentially tragic outcome by simply using a reflective safety collar. These collar work in the same way as children’s reflective safety wear and enable the vehicle lights to pick them out in the dark alerting their presence.

We strongly are urge all cat owners to consider spending the few pounds it would cost to purchase a collar to try to keep their cats safe.

If we can make our cats more visible to road users this will help to prevent many of the road accidents that could have been avoided; reducing the distress to everyone involved and ultimately saving lives.

For more information contact Emma Trousdale on 257261 or call into the Shelter.


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