A month after her rescue and Olivia has her first real dip in a pool at the GSPCA to help her rehabilitation

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One month and one day ago a 20 year old female loggerhead turtle was rescued on the west coast of Guernsey on Vazon beach.

Close to death the GSPCA have been caring for her around the clock to help save the emaciated, weak and dehydrated turtle called Olivia.

Today after a great deal of treatment, care and feeding the team decided that it was time for her to have her first swim in salt water in over a month.

The large pool has been donated by Spa De La Mare and they have been very helpful setting it up and providing the heater to keep the water warm.


Turtle power from Guernsey Aquarium, States Works, Guernsey Builders, Waitrose and Spa De La Mare - Big Day is coming

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Every day we see strength and weight gained on Olivia the loggerhead turtle who has in the last few days made strides with her movement in her pen.

Last week she was started on solid food, that is if you can call squid solid but it is the first whole food she has received.

Having arrived and put on fluids then moved on the a liquidised food it has been wonderful to see her consume whole food with a little help.

We have been busy with the finishing touches with her heated pool which has been an awesome team effort from local support.


Olivia the turtle is about to take her first food tomorrow and a huge thank you to Spa De La Mare

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This afternoon the team at the GSPCA took a rather different delivery.

Olivia who is improving each day needs to soon be placed in a pool or tank and today Mickey and Dean from Spa De La Mare arrived with a hot tub to do the job.

Likely the only Animal Shelter across the UK and Channel Islands to have a hot tub on site the 3m square pool is in a section of the new multi purpose animal welfare building.


UPDATE - Olivia the loggerhead turtle takes her first drink and appears more lively today at the GSPCA

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Two weeks ago today a loggerhead turtle was rescued on Vazon beach.

The GSPCA have been doing all they can for her and today was the first real sign of life.

Although slight movements very occasionally only today have the team seen Olivia try to move about and for the first time take a drink.


UPDATE - Olivia the turtle meets Born Free - second blood test to be sent off please help donate towards her care

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Yesterday Olivia the loggerhead turtle received some very special guests who help rescue very exotic animals from around the world.


UPDATE - Olivia the loggerhead turtle has her stomach checked thanks to Vets 4 Pets

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Nearly a week on and the team at the GSPCA with the guidance and expertise of local Vet John Knight continue to care for and do all we can for the very sick loggerhead turtle.

Olivia who was found on Vazon beach on the west coast at 4pm on Wednesday of last week has been having tests and checks to ensure that her ill health isn't just because of cold shock and being in an unsuitable climate.


Stow away crab hitches a lift on Olivia the turtle from where we do not know

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Last Wednesday when the team were called out to rescue Olivia the loggerhead turtle she wasn't the only one to be rescued off of the beach.

Shortly after her arrival at the GSPCA when the vet and team were checking her over a crab and some goose barnacles seem to have hitched a lift.

The goose barnacles were found attached mostly to the rear and the small clawed hitch hiker was found between Olivia's back right leg and her shell.

The crab didn't want to come out straight away but the next morning was found trying to enter the pen area of Bonnie the seal.


TURTLE UPDATE - Olivia has a full check over at the vets - please donate to her care

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On Wednesday at the GSPCA we rescued an extremely rare loggerhead turtle at Vazon which although still weak has made it through the first 48 hours thanks to Vet John Knight and the team at the GSPCA.

Today it was decided to give Olivia a full check over so she has had xrays, bloods taken, faeces sample sent off, tube fed and been on a drip.

Olivia behaved very well throughout the tests and seemed thankful for the tubing and drip.  She also received a number of other treatments and injections to help her condition.


UPDATE - Olivia the loggerhead turtle at the GSPCA is still very weak and is seeing the vet for further tests this morning

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Olivia the loggerhead turtle who was rescued late on Wednesday is still very weak and the team at the GSPCA are doing all we can for her.

She saw the vet yesterday for the second time and will be seeing local vet John Knight for further tests and treatments this morning to see what internal issues she may have.

We will of course keep you up to date and to donate to her care and see her rescue story please read below -


GSPCA rescue a Loggerhead Turtle on Vazon Bay in Guernsey

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Yesterday just after 4pm the GSPCA were called out to what was reported to be a stranded turtle on the west coast of Guernsey.

Ambulance Collection Officer and Marine Medic Geoff George responded to the call and when he arrived at Vazon was faced with a Loggerhead Turtle.

With the assistance of a kind member of public they quickly got the very sick and weak reptile into the GSPCA Ambulance where it was then transported directly to the wildlife unit at the Animal Shelter.