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The GSPCA has been helping animals in Guernsey for over 139 years and in that time has helped thousands every year.

The housing for the cats is nearly 40 years old and with the demands on the Shelter every day the cattery is full to bursting in aged accommodation.

Not only this but the current quarantine section that has seen a host of species from dogs to lion cubs, cats to monkeys also is in disrepair and needs rebuilding.  For this reason the GSPCA has been working to design a building that will see the Shelter for the next 40 years and more, to improve the facilities and a building that public can visit to see the many cats looking for good homes at the GSPCA.

In the last month the GSPCA has applied for planning for a new Cattery and Quarantine Building as well as two other applications.

The new design Cattery and Quarantine Building takes into account the varied types of cats that we see every day from road traffic accidents to kittens, old cats to those that are very ill, strays to cats that owners can no longer care for, cruelty case cats to pregnant cats.  This means it has a number of sections to ensure that we can house the many differing types of cats at the Shelter which currently are placed in whatever space we have which is often very small.  The design also takes into account the fact that some of our cats are often with us for months, and occasionally over a year like Victor who came in last October and is still looking for a good home. To see Victor go to

The design is a two floor building to take into account the varied type of cats we have at the Shelter, to ensure the amenities are there to care for them and also a room where potential new adopters can go to talk to staff and meet their potential new pet.  The top floor would have a ramp access and would be open for public viewing during the day so that visitors could see the many cats looking for a good home.

The GSPCA often are involved the cats that are removed from homes due to cruelty and with the new legislation we need to be prepared in case of any increase.  Currently owners can only be prosecuted and action taken after cruelty to an animal has happened and the new legislation will be much more proactive and hopefully prevent cats from being cruelly treated.  If anyone needs to report cruelty to any animal then please call the GSPCA on 01481 257261

The quarantine section would include two large pens and an isolation area for those animals that come into the Shelter with illness or disease that need separating from the healthy animals or for legal reasons.

The GSPCA is currently looking for support and funding with this project and you can find out much more by going to the appeal page by clicking here.  It is estimated that the costs for the two floor Cattery and Quarantine Building would be in the region of £1.3 million which would cover the costs from start to finish including removing the current building but until we get planning we can not go to tender for the exact cost.

The second part of this application is to redesign our reception area.  For the many visitors to the GSPCA Animal Shelter you will know that the front desk is very small and we are hoping to enlarge this so that visitors can come along to the Shelter in a much more comfortable surrounding, with a larger shop area including a small charity shop area and even seats with possibly a coffee machine so potential adopters can sit and think about their potential new pets.

This larger reception and shop area would mean that we could raise more funds for the 1000's of animals that we help every year as well as provide more wall space for educational material about animal care and campaigns.

It would also include a small room where upset owners can be taken if there is bad news such as informing them that their pet has been knocked down or returning their pets ashes.  It would also be used for going through happier times such as adoption paperwork and a nice quiet area if visitors wanted to chat in private about cruelty complaints.

The other important part of both applications is wheel chair access as much of the Shelter currently has very little and this would mean visitors and volunteers with wheel chairs would have much better access to the site.  Finally there would be a disabled access toilet in the reception area for visitors which we do not currently have.

We would like to make the GSPCA much more welcoming to visitors so that public could visit and see much of the wonderful animal care work that happens in Guernsey.

The last application is for new housing and work on our electrics to bring them up to date with current legislation.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'The GSPCA has been at our current address since 1929 and we have a wonderful site here but we need to look to the future.'  'Many of our buildings are over 40 years old and we need to think of the animals in our care as well as the visitors that come to the Shelter.'  'A new cattery is by no means a luxury but a necessity due to the age and condition of the current building.'  'The staff ensure amazing and wonderful care to all the cats we have at the GSPCA but we need to ensure that the facilities we have can serve us for the next 40 years and more.'  'It is ironic in the fact that half of the current cattery building is called New Block, even though it was built in the 1970's and by no means looks new.'  'We are appealing for any donations and support we can get to ensure we have a new building that can care for cats in a welfare environment in Guernsey and be a place of safety for the 1000's of felines we help here at the GSPCA.'

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'I run the cattery and due to the lack of space I often find that I am often having to set up crates to house the many cats and kittens when we are full.'  'Less than 50% of the stray cats that we have in at the Shelter are claimed by their owners and we often have cats that come in for welfare reasons.'  'I have been at the Shelter for over 10 years and we have helped 1000's of cats find their owners and new homes but we really need a new building and all of the team are looking forward to the day when this project becomes a reality.'  'We always have 50 to 100 cats at the GSPCA and this building would ensure we could care for all of them and more if needed to to it's design.'  'It would also be wonderful to have a new quarantine and isolation area due to the disrepair of the current building.'

If you would like to make a donation to any of this work you can do so by popping in to the Shelter Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, by card over the phone 01481 257261, online or by downloading and completing one of our Cattery & Quarantine Appeal Forms.

If you or your business would like to make a large donation towards this appeal please contact GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne on 01481 257261 or email [email protected]


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