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Last night the Guernsey Community Foundation held their 6th annual awards evening to highlight the amazing charity work that goes on across Guernsey.

It has been a humbling whirlwind and the GSPCA and our fantastic team are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the Charity of the Year.

24 hours a day 7 days a week work to help animals and the community goes on 365 days a year and without our amazing team and the wonderful support of the community we couldn't achieve so much.

You can watch the events that took place by watching this video clip -


The GSPCA have many ways we are looking for support and if you would like to support us here are just a few ideas -

  • Our biggest upcoming project is to refloor our 42 kennels and we are looking for around 7 sponsors of £5500 per section to renew these floors to see us well into the future
  • Sponsoring events – we have our Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday which sees around 10,000 visitors to Ball nights, kids tours to sponsored events, every week we hold and run differing events
  • Sponsorship of an Animal Pen, Kennel or Building either as an individual, family or corporate
  • Volunteering – we always have a huge range of events, projects and plenty of work from cleaning to building projects, caring for the animals to admin work both at the Shelter and off site
  • Wish List and Projects – we have an array of build projects to equipment needed at the GSPCA. We currently need a new industrial laundry machine and dryer
  • Mufti days and fund raising support
  • Helping with our flag days, the next is at Waitrose stores on Saturday 26th November
  • Joining in with our Purple Week in February, Cupcake Week in May, Take Your Dog to Work Day in the summer and other similar events
  • We are always happy to attend a meeting to talk to your team about what we do
  • Advertise in our quarterly newsletter sent to over 1000 supporters by mail and email
  • Donate online or by calling 257261
  • Arrange a childrens birthday party at the Shelter
  • And we are always open to new ideas……..

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We really couldn’t believe it when they announced at the Guernsey Community Foundation Awards we at the GSPCA had won the Charity of the Year.”

“It was a very humbling experience and one that really highlighted the amazing work the team achieves at the GSPCA 24/7 and how we engage with the community.”

“Today at the Shelter we have been celebrating with the team and animals and the trophy has been in lots of places and please watch our social media to see where it has found itself.”

“A huge thank you to the Guernsey Community Foundation and well done to all of the amazing organisations, businesses and individuals that were nominated, short listed and of course the other winners it was a real privilege to be invited to a room rich in caring and wonderful people.”

“It never ends at the GSPCA with new challenges every day, the biggest now is raising the funds for our kennel floors to raising the much needed funds to run the GSPCA every day and care for the 350 animals.”

“If anyone is interested in helping or supporting us in anyway please call 257261 or email me on [email protected] .”

“There are a number of other upcoming awards and it would be fantastic if we or others could be supported by making nominations as there is so much fantastic work that goes on in Guernsey and further afield and to recognise the efforts like our wonderful team at the GSPCA which have been show cased last night warms the heart and gives something back to those that work so hard.”

There are so many amazing organisations, groups and individuals and to recognise these there are a number of upcoming awards. Could you nominate the GSPCA, one of our team or another worthy individual or cause? Please visit the links below

The Ceva Animal Welfare Awards are open, to nominate please visit -

Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity Awards -

Specsavers Unsung Hero -

Nominating a group for The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, please visit -

Some ways to get involved or to support us are -

As a business you can visit our pages for other ideas -

To see our wish list -

To volunteer please visit –

And to see our events and fund raisers please visit -

Could you write us a review on the Best of Guernsey who run awards each year, if you could please visit -

Last nights award winners were -

Charity of the Year:

Organising Committee of the Year:
• The Legacy Team for La Vallette 

Outstanding Individual Achievement:
• Jack Honeybill

Fundraising Team of the Year
• Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility
• PwC CI

• This Is EPIC

Youth Award
• Millie Bourgaize


CHARITY OF THE YEAR – sponsored by State Street Global Services

1. Guernsey MIND - Guernsey Mind’s vision is of a society that has a positive attitude towards mental wellbeing and where the community embraces respect for all. 2016 has been a very busy year for Guernsey Mind which has consolidated its work in a number of key areas. Additional staff in 2015 and 2016 has enabled the charity to extend its work and for the Executive Director to work in partnership with the States of Guernsey to develop the Action Plan for the Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the Bailiwick. A full draft of the plan is currently under consultation with the Committee for Health and Social Care, and the Policy and Resources Committee. Guernsey Mind is working with key stakeholders in the community, business and States sectors towards its implementation. It works to train employers, support self-help groups and individuals and raises awareness of mental health issues. It has changed from being a small charity delivering services to a small number of people needing specialist interventions, to providing services that may reach the 1 in 5 people in the Bailiwick who have a diagnosable condition, and writing an action plan that will impact on the entire community. - The Judges were impressed by the recent development and reach of Guernsey Mind, which has a big impact on the community despite having a small staff team.

2. Les Bourgs Hospice - Guernsey’s Les Bourgs Hospice was founded in 1991 so this year is celebrating 25 years of providing care and support to residents of Guernsey who suffer from life-limiting illnesses and their families. Les Bourgs Hospice has never received any funding from the States of Guernsey and has had to cover all its running costs from fundraising activities. At present, this amounts to £1.1m per year – an enormous challenge. The Hospice benefits from having in excess of 200 loyal volunteers, both at the Hospice and at their two charity shops in St Martins, which are a vital source of income. The public fully support fundraising efforts such as the Rock to Roque cycle race, 30/30 challenges and Lottery Club. In 2010 Les Bourgs Hospice successfully launched a fundraising appeal to raise an additional £4m to build a new hospice which was officially opened by their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. By continuously undertaking a range of fundraising activities, Les Bourgs Hospice is able to provide specialist palliative nursing services and offer holistic care, free of charge, to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families. - Shortlisted for the consistently outstanding service it has provided to patients and families over 25 years.

3. GSPCA The GSPCA works around the clock providing a 24/7 service to the community to help animals and animal owners in need. It also provides invaluable assistance to many other organisations and government departments in Guernsey and works with others outside of the island for the benefit of our community. In the last 5 years the GSPCA has developed and ensured that not only facilties have been updated, but has also strived to work with others by looking at all areas of their services, where the needs are of the community, and at what can be acheived and to help animals ,of all species, wherever they can. In the last 12-18 months major projects have included a new build replacing 5 old sections , adding facilities and services in a multi purpose building at a cost of £1.3 million, and help with an international puppy trafficking case which was the first of its kind in the Channel Islands. Over the last year the GSPCA has worked with Social Security to develop a ‘Work 2 Benefit’ scheme which has seen 30 placements, many of whom are now back in employment. It also works with the Probation Service running placements. Last year saw the GSPCA and St Andrews Floral Group partner in an award-winning conservation scheme on the GSPCA’s grounds. The charity benefits from wide public support and has over 600 active volunteers who help to maintain its 24/7 cover. The GSPCA receives no States funding and organises hundreds of fundraising events each year, along with educational projects and a large media campaign. In the last few years seals and turtles have been rehabilitated under specialist care and released successfully into the wild, with a total of over 3000 animals a year being helped. - The Judges were impressed by the innovative achievements of the GSPCA, now not only focused on helping animals, but also on projects to the value of the community as a whole.


1. Jack Honeybill - Jack has been nominated for being at the forefront of the outstanding fundraising work of Les Bourg Hospice. He has been Chair of the Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice for 23 years which has been responsible for raising £4.5 million during that time. He is now stepping down from the role this year. Jack has been responsible for organising three Million Pound Lotteries for Les Bourgs. The Lottery takes an extraordinary amount of organising from applying for the gambling licence, printing the tickets, arranging stalls to be manned, reckoning the accounts and selling the tickets. The 2012 Lottery had the aim of raising £400,000 which would have been sufficient to complete the Les Bourgs Hospice Redevelopment Appeal. Encountering difficulties with ticket sales, Jack approached the Home Department and was able to convince them that islanders could buy a 10th share of a ticket at £30 and this required some complex administration to make sure all the shares were sold and that people’s shares were recorded correctly. He also managed to delay the draw, ensuring that that prizes and running costs were covered and so that any additional tickets would be pure profit. Within days it was announced that the money raised by the Million Pound Lottery had completed the fundraising appeal. With Jack leading, the Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice has contributed on average £250,000 each year towards the almost impossible task of raising over £1 million to cover its annual running costs while at the same time providing the care it does for islanders with life-limiting illness. Jack has been tireless in his efforts for Les Bourgs, over many, many years, achieved alongside his Town Centre Partnership role. He has also raised funds every year so that the Town Carnival can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. - Jack has been shortlisted for his outstanding fundraising efforts for Les Bougs Hospice over so many years.

2. Pat Johnson - Nominated for having produced a profound effect, not only on the Floral Guernsey Foundation and its volunteers, but on the visual impact that the islands present to locals and visitors. Pat has been instrumental in taking forward the aims of the Foundation. Within the past couple of years he has been involved in: installing floral dispalys in town; initiating the Allied Aircrew Memorial and the replanting of the airport surrounds by Guernsey Gardens; the huge volunteer force that cleaned and refurbished La Vallette and the Bathing Pools (with ongoing works) were coordinated by Pat and his Legacy Team; the construction and planting of amenity areas at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital have been completed by Floral Guernsey under Pat’s leadership. The award-winning garden by Hugo Bugg at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show for the Royal Bank of Canada has been moved to Guernsey and is now nearing completion at Les Cotils. Pat together with Fiona Naftel of Les Cotils made the successful bid for the garden and arranged the transfer and reconstruction. He also assists in arranging the ‘open gardens’ programme on Sundays from Spring through to Autumn, including his own garden, to raise funds for individual charities. Pat is now playing a major role in the steering group set up to renovate, restore and relandscape the Little Chapel. - The judges were impressed by the impact Pat has had on several major projects for the island, within a short space of time.

3. Ellie Jones - Ellie is the Vice-Chair of Liberate, Guernsey’s only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) charity, which she cofounded with other members in February 2014. She impresses by her energy and commitment to the charity. Liberate’s achievements are the result of a group effort by many different individuals, but it’s fair to say that without Ellie’s leadership, the charity would not have progressed as rapidly or successfully as it has. Her commitment and drive have helped establish a real sense of community among a diverse group of LGBTQ people on the island who had never felt part of any community before, and helped establish a real sense of belonging. She is now Liberate’s first paid member of staff as a result of the charity being awarded a grant . Although she is paid on a part-time basis, she works tirelessly – often for 50+ hours a week. She is the public face of the charity and has become its lynchpin. The charity has had many successes such as the agreement for the States to fund gender reassignment surgery, the passing of the proposal to allow same-sex marriage and the organisation of the Channel Islands’s first Pride event. Ellie has worked tirelessly on these campaigns and their success can be largely put down to her effectiveness and leadership. - Shortlisted for having made a major impact on the lives of many islanders who had previously experienced prejudice and discrimination.


1. Channel Islands Pride Organising Committee The main organising committee of Channel Islands Pride comprised Ellie Jones, Tina Bury and Annette Gerard.CI Pride week kicked off in Guernsey on 10th of September 2016, and was Guernsey’s first ever Pride event – a genuinely historic occasion. The event was a huge success with over 2,500 joining the Parade and subsequent celebrations in Market Square. People returned home to the island for this momentous event and also travelled over from many countries. The event brought together the whole community regardless of sexuality, gender, race, religon or age. The colourful Parade was watched by hundreds more lining the streets of St Peter Port – in spite of the terrible weather conditons! The team worked together with their counterparts in Jersey to create an event that would truly be seen as pan Island – passing the ‘baton’ to Jersey at the end of the week for their Pride celebrations. The event focused on bringing a minority group together, along with their family and friends, across the islands, ultimately showing the support in the wider community of the Channel Islands for the diversity that exists. The event gave some the courage to ‘come out’, or ask for support and an education campaign was launched to help schools become more LGBTQ inclusive, so that bullying is minimised. A successful media campaign ensured that support for Pride came from all sectors of the community, with rainbow flags being flown across the islands, raising awareness, creating unison and a spirit of equality across the islands. - Judges were impressed with the successful organisation of this historic event which has ensured a more inclusive future for the Channel Islands and their LGTBQ communities.

2. Legacy Team for La Vallette - 12 months ago, a group came together with a variety of skills and took on the ambitious repair of the Horseshoe Pool and the Gent’s Pool, the landward side from Le Val des Terres to the Clarence Battery plus the path around the top from Clarence Battery back to the bottom of Le Val des Terres. The group had been galvanised following the failure to repair the pools which had been damaged 18 months before. Under the inspirational leadership of Pat Johnson, the team has organised volunteers, knocked on doors, dreamt up fund-raising ideas, used contacts and found experts willing to work for free or at reduced rates to clean up, restore the Victorian upper walkway, replant, irrigate and run water and electricity to the landward side and plan and get to work on the Horseshoe Pool and make technical drawings and entered into discussions on how the Gent’s Pool can be restored. The task of The Legacy Team has been planning, organisation and co-ordination of the mass of support there has been. 700 volunteers took part in the project, demonstrating the love and attachment that islanders feel for the pools. The huge engagement of the local community and businesses in the project ensured its success, and 1000s of hours of volunteer and pro-bono work have made the refurbishment possible. - Shortlisted for the huge community engagement with the project, which has refurbished a neglected area of the island and restored it to its former glory.

3. The Organising Committee for Lé Viaër Marchi - Lé Viaër Marchi has been held in Saumarez Park on the first Monday of each July since the mid- 1980s, and is the principal annual fund-raiser for the National Trust of Guernsey. The Trust has a statutory responsibility to promote interest in a wide range of matters, as fulfilled by its commitment to the Folk and Costume Museum, the Victorian Shop and Parlour at 26, Cornet Street, and its pro-active ownership and management of several buildings of historic or other interest and of areas of open space across the Island. However, the purpose of Lé Viaër Marchi goes much further than fund-raising in that its consistent primary aim has been to enliven and encourage the preservation of Island traditions and heritage for future generations. Each year, this unique community event has provided a showcase for Islanders and visitors alike for the best of Guernsey’s heritage. Lé Viaër Marchi regularly features exhibitions of traditional skills and crafts, such as buttermaking, lacework and rope-making, entertainment from performing artists in music, song and dance, and a range of stallholders, some in traditional Guernsey costume to add to the authentic atmosphere, selling homemade produce. Lé Viaër Marchi has become a great annual social occasion, with hearty crowds, often over 6,000, attending. The Committee functions as a well-oiled machine, undertaking all of the logistical, organisational, financial, administrative and practical aspects of bringing together an event which provides joy to those who attend and secures memories for successive generations. - Shortlisted by the Judges for the outstanding organisation of one of Guernsey’s signature events, which has proved successful and popular year on year.

FUNDRAISING TEAM OF THE YEAR – sponsored by Cazenove Capital Management

1. Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation - The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation embarked on its 'buy-a-brick' campaign in 2015 with the aim of raising £150,000 by the end of 2017 to purchase a property in Southampton called The Burrow. This goal has already been reached, one year ahead of target, surpassing all expectations. The Burrow will provide accommodation just a stone’s throw from Southampton Hospital, making a huge difference to the day-to-day lives of local families with premature babies being cared for in the hospital. It will provide a safe haven for new parents, or parents of poorly children, at a time of real uncertainty. Independent of the hospital, yet reassuringly close; cosy, yet spacious enough that it can accommodate siblings or close family if necessary. The PPBF hope it will provide exactly what parents, who are miles away from their island, need to feel like they are home. This project has seen local businesses and the general public come together to raise an enormous amount of money. Donors have been able to purchase bricks with the aim of a wall of names within the property. The campaign, sponsored by Investec Private Banking and managed by Black Vanilla Ltd, has involved a number of key events and activities including a direct mail campaign where ‘buy-a-brick’ envelopes were delivered across the island, a successful radio campaign and ‘A Right Royal Affair’ evening to celebrate the PPBF receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. There have been some incredible achievements throughout the campaign including a world indoor rowing record raising over £8,000 and Gareth Corbett completing the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc raising over £10,000. Hundreds of local fundraising efforts have helped the PPBF reach its goal from £5 brick purchases and volunteering to event hosting, businesses who chose to support the PPBF as part of their CSR activities and a generous donation of £50,000 from a charitable trust set up by Jim Wilkinson and his late wife Peggy. - Shortlisted for having surpassed its fundraising goal a year ahead of schedule, gaining great community support, and for achieving a goal which will provide Guernsey families with essential support during difficult times.

2. ROW 24 ROW 24 was a team put together in February 2016 consisting of rowers Simon Johns and James Coquelin, along with a dedicated support crew. They set themselves a fundraising target of £5,000 to split between two local charities: The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation (PPBF) and The Ivy Trust, two charities close to their hearts. To reach their target, the team set themselves the challenge of attempting to break a world record: the world 24 hour indoor rowing record for the Men’s Tandem 30-39 Lightweight category on the Concept 2 rowing machine, of 343,285 metres. Their successful fundraising campaign was achieved through media interviews and a strong social media presence. Endurance rowing requires full preparation both physical and mental, and the pair was ready having had a previous bad experience when James suffered a serious health condition whilst rowing another ultra-distance charity event. The rowers split the 24 hours into alternate 20 minute shifts, which to many supporters seemed excruciatingly difficult, but with minutes to go, and in front of the huge cheering crowd, the rowers broke the previous record and went on to achieve a record breaking 350,342 metres in 24 hours. In doing this, their fundraising surpassed the original target resulting in a total of £8,824.00. - The Judges were impressed that the pair had achieved their twin goals of rowing for 24 hours and for breaking a world record.

3. The Sarah Groves Foundation - Following Sarah’s tragic death, the Sarah Groves Foundation was established in 2013 with the aim of fulfilling Sarah's own ambition in life - to enhance the lives of young people, especially those less fortunate than herself. The Foundation carries out several fundraising events, and the sum raised over the last year is approximately £280,000. The majority of that, over £250,000, has come from the Tour de Sez 2016 cycle ride from St Malo to Bilbao sponsored by FCG (First Central Group). This was organized by the Foundation and took place in September 2016. 63 cyclists and 12 support staff covered a total of 650 miles, involving complex logistics and organisation including standby vehicles, a medical support team, caterers, mechanical and technical support with two qualified mechanics. Fundraising has been taking place throughout the island for most of the year with many cyclists holding spinning events,, quiz evenings, BBQs and auctions to raise funds with the total easily exceeding initial targets and expectations. Almost everyone hit their individual fundraising targets and, in many cases, exceeded them by a long way. For those taking part in fundraising efforts, the slogan for the Foundation has been extended to ‘enhancing lives’ as the lives of everyone who takes part is undoubtedly enhanced by the challenge and experience involved. Funds are distributed mainly towards children and art, mainly within the Bailiwick and for some overseas projects. As a policy, however, funds raised in Guernsey are invested in Guernsey. - Shortlisted for having raised an enormous amount of funds in the last year, via well organised and impressive events.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – sponsored by RBC Wealth Management

1. PwC CI - PwC CI’s CSR strategy is focused on making a difference, empowering people, creating a legacy and investing for the future by focusing on the next generation. The company likes to ‘quietly do the right thing in the community’ and not focus on profile building. PwC CI has been shortlisted primarily for their CSR work in supporting The Hub. PwC CI first came to The HUB to provide financial support for the costs of staffing the charity. Staff members immediately became ambassadors for The HUB and were passionate about how PwC CI could support the Hub to make a real impact. After discussing gaps in provision on Guernsey, PwC CI and The HUB decided to launch a brand new initiative to target an unmet need – the provision of support for parents of teenagers. In partnership with PwC CI, The HUB launched a series of parent sessions of which there has been two to date and a further three planned. PwC is fundamental to the success of these workshops as they provide all the administrative functions - booking venues, advertising, organising tickets, refreshments, circulating invites etc - as well as providing the funding that allow these educational evenings to take place. It is clear that PwC CI does not sponsor these events for the associated brand publicity; rather it is their genuine passion for sharing information with parents and support of the work of The HUB that has been their driver from the beginning. The first event covered online safety and around 80 parents attended. The second, ‘The teenage brain’ was attended by 160 parents/carers. More events are planned. PwC CI supports its own staff in their volunteering hours through giving either part of their working day or time off in lieu. PwC CI also works with Every Child Our Future - having volunteered with Vale Primary for many years and will be supporting Amherst Primary going forward. PwC CI also supports many local charities, sports clubs, community projects and educational institutions through staff volunteering and cash donations. - A matching scheme is also offered to staff who fund raise for causes. Judges were impressed by the successful partnership between PWC and the Hub, and by the company’s policy on staff volunteering.

2. Sure - CSR is embedded in the heart of the business and engagement comes not only from the top, but from practically every employee – regardless of their department or of their position. Sure’s CSR activity is split into three categories: The Community Foundation; Community Events & Sponsorships and Business Activities. 1) Community Foundation – donates funds into the local community and this year the CF reached a milestone, a donation level of £100,000 over 5 years. Staff are also happy to donate hours to a number of projects and over the years have given back hours to beach cleans and charitable projects. While the company sets aside funds each year for the CF, its true success can be attributed to the engagement of staff in fundraising on its behalf. With over 80 members of staff choosing to commit to a monthly donation from their wages, staff are instrumental in conceiving and running other initiatives to raise money for the CF and also nominate which charities are to benefit from the funds. 2) Community events - Sure organises and sponsors a number of popular events that all members of our community can benefit from, such as the Sure Big Screen, the Festival of Comedy, Rotary Club Tree of Joy, CI Student Business Challenge and provides technology for the Alderney Wildlife Trust’s puffin livestream project. 3) Business Activities – social responsibility: offer support in managing bills, employment opportunities for young people or long term unemployed, help reduce illegal online content, provide connectivity for local events and charities. The CF also benefit from the huge efforts of staff in reducing the environmental impact and recycling of materials whose proceeds are given to the CF. - Judges were impressed by the breadth of Sure’s CSR activities together with reaching a milestone of donating £100,000 via their Community Foundation

3. Barclays - Barclays Bank recognises that citizenship is critical to the future success of its business, Guernsey, and in particular its people. Barclays locally is providing a dedicated resource, a small businesses manager to help local people start-up their own businesses. This goes with their support to the Digital Greenhouse, Global Entrepreneur Week and partnership with StartUp Guernsey. Barclays delivers LifeSkills lessons in 7 local schools and colleges. The programme supported by Barclays staff volunteering their time covers three key skill areas, (money, people, and work). Last year the initiative reached out to over 1000 local students, with excellent feedback! Acting as an approved Education agency, Barclays is committed to delivering these sessions and reaching every school across the Bailiwick. The Student business challenge also looks to capture, nurture and enhance entrepreneurial skill at any early stage. Barclays not only sponsor the event, but provides business mentors as part of its commitment to improving the future employability of youngsters and supporting emergent local businesses and industries. In recognising that digital safety, awareness & education is the best means of defence against cyber-crime, Barclays in partnership with local law enforcement have presented to its staff and clients the increasing need for enhanced digital safety. ‘Digital Wings’ is one of a number of Barclays free ‘apps’ which is a fun learning tool, designed to grow digital confidence through ‘bite-sized’ tutorials. Barclays ‘Digital Eagles’ also support the community in providing sessions to various local organisations and clients on all things ‘digital’, including supporting National Coding Week and Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions at the Digital Greenhouse. Barclays Guernsey also partners a number of local charities, including Action for Children (AFC) who has received substantial funding from Barclays towards the employment of an Outreach Employability Support Worker. Barclays staff additionally volunteer for numerous AFC activities, throughout the year to support these special young people and their families. Barclays also has partner charities with which they develop relationships, such as the Guernsey Employment Trust, where funding and expertise is provided to the charity and its clients. A new charitable endeavour Barclays Guernsey is undertaking this year is working with the Jubilee Sailing Trust which will facilitate 8 local disabled or disadvantaged young people, funded by Barclays, the opportunity to sail on the specially designed ship to Bristol. Additionally, Barclays look to support their staff in their personal citizenship endeavours, allowing both volunteer days and in providing match funding for any personal sponsorship raised. - The Judges were impressed by the dedication of the company to its LifeSkills programme and for the impact it has had on local educational institutions.

OVERSEAS AWARD – sponsored by Specsavers

1. Friends of Romania - John Ozanne of Shiloh Baptist Church founded the Friends of Romania group in 1992 with the aim of taking humanitarian aid to the poor people of Romania. Since its foundation the group has grown to become an ecumenical body involving people of many denominations. The group’s work centres on the town of Bistrita in Transylvania, where a sister charity, Tabita ’96, was founded at the Friends’ request to simplify Customs documentation and also distribution of aid. The group aims to make two to four aid visits each year. This is only possible due to the generosity of Guernsey people in providing clothing, supplies and funds to finance the trips. Volunteer drivers transport the aid to Bistrita, paying all their own expenses and using part of their annual holiday or taking unpaid leave of absence. Alongside the work with families the Friends of Romania also helps to support the Children’s Cradle Orphanage in Bistrita, the Scoala Speciala No.1 - a partly residential school for disabled day students and orphans, and the Ilisua Children’s T.B. Prevention Clinic. Currently the group has raised money for a second-hand tractor to enable Tabita to cultivate an area of land to provide vegetables for needy families and the institutions being helped. In addition to the aid trips pastoral visits are made to families and institutions each year by members of the group to ensure continuity and appropriate assistance. These visits are made at the visitors’ own expense and not a charge on the group’s funds. - The Judges were impressed with the Friends’ longstanding commitment to this area of Romania, which has had a big impact on the families and individuals, who have benefitted greatly from the aid given.

2. World Aid Walk - The World Aid Walk has consistently, over the past 46 years, raised awareness of the impact of global poverty amongst Guernsey people and hundreds of thousands of pounds raised have benefitted people living in poverty overseas. This year £22,500 was raised, matched for the first time by The Overseas Aid Commission making a total of £45,000, a commitment which recognised how much a part of island life the event has become since its inception in 1970. Funds were raised primarily by school children who are visited in their schools by the organising committee where they are inspired to support the World Aid Walk. As a result it has become a firm favourite in all the schools’ diaries of events. This year the funds raised were donated to 7 charities, all with a local presence and providing support Overseas. Six charities will receive £3,500 each from the World Aid Walk, and a further £3,500 each from the Commission. The charities supported by the walk are ActionAid, Christian Aid, the Eleanor Foundation, Oxfam, Save the Children Fund and the Tumaini Fund. In addition, the 2016 Walk’s sponsor, Standard Chartered, will receive £1,000 from the Walk and £1,000 from the Commission towards its own overseas charity for 2016, Seeing Is Believing. The World Aid Walk is a highlight of Guernsey’s charity calendar – an event many islanders enjoy participating in each year and an event which is entirely home grown – started by islanders who wanted to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people living in poorer countries, and how we could take action to make a difference. - Shortlisted for being such a successful fundraising and awareness event for overseas causes, over so many years and engaging so many young islanders; and for having gained the support of the Overseas Aid Commission at this year’s event.

3. This Is EPIC - This Is EPIC was established in 2013 to help drive positive change in underprivileged communities in Africa. The aim of the charity is to help deliver a sustainable future for communities through Savings and Loans projects. The charity has started projects in Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, and in the three short years it has been running, it has positively impacted over 3000 lives directly and over 15,000 lives indirectly. This Is EPIC has over 100 savings groups and has three savings projects , two in Uganda and the other in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The funding provided is primarily spent on local facilitators and trainers who work with the savings and loans groups. The training and support provided to the groups is the critical element in enabling communities to understand how to save and manage their money in an effective way and also attain enterprise skills in developing income generating activities. This is achieved through identifying and collaborating with local organisations who understand the country, region and community and working with them to implement a very successful informal financial service called Village Savings and Loans Projects. The projects involve training people to save and loan money within a group and empowering people to invest in their own income generating activities which helps them to develop a more prosperous and sustainable future. The projects are built on strong and positive relationships, focusing on understanding the community the charity is working with. This is achieved by working hard to build trust with the communities and people. This Is EPIC and their local partners are responsible for developing the full project end to end, including recruitment, training, Community Awareness meetings, group formation, on-going group monitoring & progress and data collation and impact analysis. Whilst the charity is for the benefit of overseas communities, the work and fundraising efforts are very much part of our local community and begin at home, with challenges such as 7 Marathons in 7 Days and running for 48 hours on a treadmill. Fundraising is achieved through a combination of grant applications, raising awareness through public speaking opportunities and, most significantly, through the fundraising efforts of many in a variety of activities. The launch of EPIC Challenges has been a crucial tool for raising awareness and fundraising to support the work of the charity. It engages people through fun activities designed to inspire, educate and raise awareness. - Judges were impressed by the impact this charity has made in the short time since it started, and by the way its voluntary leaders in Guernsey go about raising both awareness and funds for the communities they aim to benefit.

YOUTH AWARD – sponsored by Guernsey Electricity

1. Tabitha Carr - Tabitha was elected as the Chair of the Youth Forum for Guernsey after only a month as a member, partly down to her excellent performance when the Youth Forum took over the States for a day. What became clear through this event was her ability to take set her own views aside to ensure that she delivered an opening that was clear, concise engaging and that represented the views of the whole island’s young people rather than that of just herself. Tabitha demonstrated great skills through her election not least of how well she was able to communicate with her peers, a group of young people that represent all schools, youth groups and those whose voice is harder to reach. She has, in a remarkably short period of time, been able to gain their trust and support based on the commitment, great delivery and planning she has shown during her small time on the Forum. Tabitha has overseen a huge change with the Youth Forum that has gone from little engagement to one that has seen the forum become a real valued organisation in its own right in the community. It is widely recognised and engaged with by a number of departments and agencies as the body to go to when looking to involve young people in decision making and most importantly it is recognised by young people across the Bailiwick as a body that puts young people’s voice first. A large part of her role has been live interviews for the media, when she is often asked to speak on radio and television about youth issues and mental health issues. The media interviews can be hard for her with her dyslexia but she always gives it 100%. She led a lot of the work for the ‘youth voice’ for the States Elections 2016 and also opened the Association of Guernsey Chairities State of the Nation debate where she gave a speech dedicated to issues for young people, which received a standing ovation from the audience, and also appeared as an expert on a panel for a QnA session on the “State of the Nation” where she more than held her own. - Tabitha has been shortlisted for having achieved so much in such a short space of time, both personally and for young people in Guernsey, by representing them in such an effective way.

2. Millie Bourgaize - Millie is 17 and has been involved with the Youth Commission for over three years and during this time has overcome many personal barriers. Since Millie started secondary school she has suffered from social anxiety, her confidence was very low and she felt that she did not fit in with the social aspects of school. This had a major impact on her attendance which resulted in her falling behind in school as she missed a lot of classes and work. Although academically able, because of bullying and her anxiety she did not feel like she fitted in and felt isolated. The Quiet Club at the Youth Commission provided Millie a safe place to socialize and challenge herself amongst other young people also suffering from social anxiety. Over time Millie began to grow in confidence and started to engage more in education. Since starting the Quiet Club in 2014 her self-esteem has risen and she has grown into becoming a volunteer and young leader in the group. By sharing her experiences and how her life has changed she has become an example for the other young people in the group, helping them see that they are not alone and showing them that they can also become more confident. Millie was referred to the Prince’s Trust xl programme at the age of 15, and has achieved a Level 2 Certificate in Personal Development and Employability Skills, the equivalent of two GCSE’s at A* to C. However, even though for Millie this was a massive achievement in itself, by the end of year 11 she was also attending school full time and obtained 9 GCSEs, including Maths. Since leaving school Millie has worked part time at the Youth Commission’s Playscheme summer programme, taking initiative and ably demonstrating to her colleagues how she has developed. She also now works part time at the Hampton Trust, engaging with young people in schools and doing outreach work. In 2015 Millie was asked to speak at the Youth Commission’s Annual Youth Work Conference to an audience of Island wide professionals, politicians, staff and young people about the challenges she has faced and how she has overcome these. Millie has also been volunteering at the STYX (Western Youth and Community Centre) Youth Centre’s Junior Club over the last two years. - The Judges were impressed by Millie’s success after having faced many barriers and that she is now considered as a role model for other young people, helping to support those who have experienced similar situations.

3. Samantha Denning - Sammie accessed The HUB’s service in June 2014 when she wasn’t in a good place with her emotional health. After months of Sammie attending weekly sessions with staff at The HUB, Sammie began to open up and staff were able to get her to challenge the negative thoughts that had been contributing to her low mood for a long time. Since Sammie stopped accessing The HUB for one-toone support she has helped the service in so many ways. Firstly by doing short readings when the HUB has given presentations to parents about issues young people face in today’s society; as well as bravely telling her story on Channel TV to encourage other young people to not be afraid of getting support. In March this year Sammie undertook Barnardo’s volunteer training and became one of the volunteers at The HUB. Even though Sammie has only been a volunteer for a few months she has already been a real asset to the team. Sammie’s confidence grew and grew, and it wasn’t long before she successfully finished college and enrolled for a performing arts course in England, which she has just started. - The Judges were impressed by how Sammie has turned her life around and now helps other young people, encouraging them to access the support that changed her life.

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