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Last month two of the GSPCA staff had the opportunity to spend time at three RSPCA centres namely Stubbington Ark, West Hatch and Ashley Heath.

They started their trip on the overnight ferry which in the morning meant a short drive to the RSPCA Stubbington Ark in Portsmouth where they spent a full day in one of the largest RSPCA centre’s in the UK.

Day 2, 3 and 4 was spent at RSPCA West Hatch in Taunton where they have a Domestic and separate Wildlife Centre and Seb and Beckie got to spend time in both working with the staff, volunteers and many animals.

Day 5 was spent at RSPCA Ashley Heath which is primarily a domestic animal centre but enabled Seb and Beckie to get a huge amount of experience, gain knowledge and make new contacts before their trip back home to Guernsey.

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “At the Ark I really loved the pens the rabbits had!.”

“They had so much space and they could chose to be inside or out.”

This was a great inspiration for hopefully, if and when we can build a purpose built small domestic unit.”

“I think Seb will agree Peppa the pig was pretty awesome, not very often we get to be hands on with farm animals so it was such a great opportunity to get involved with a few Peppa chores .. even if it was poo picking!”

“It was still great to be with her!”

“West hatch Wildlife Centre was hands down amazing!”

“It was such a shock on the size of the grounds the centre had which means they can build so many aviary’s in different sizes, materials, hides and so much more for each different type of bird.”

“The amount of one to one care the animals receive is brilliant to rehabilitate the animals back to the wild.”

“They also have a vet at the centre who only focuses on wildlife and if there are any emergencies happen.”

“Ashley Heath I did love the ferret shed.”

“They had a barn which was converted into about 5 ferret pens.”

“Ashley Heath was only domestic pets, all their wildlife gets sent to West Hatch, but we had great fun meeting all of their animals.”

Seb Goman GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “We had such an amazing week at the Ark, West Hatch and Ashley Heath.”

“From helping with kittens to seeing foxes and all sorts of wildlife it was such an incredible experience.”

“We both learnt so much and met so many amazing RSPCA staff.”

“At the end of each experience at the RSPCA centre’s we gave them all a bag of goodies from the GSPCA and Guernsey as a way of a thank you and we are so grateful to all of those that made us feel so welcome.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “Beckie and Seb truly had the most incredible time at the three RSPCA centre’s and are full of new and exciting ideas which is always great as we can all learn from one another and from all of the GSPCA a huge thanks to the RSPCA for this amazing opportunity they gave Seb and Beckie.”

“All through the week Seb and Beckie kept us up to date with pictures of them with pigs to kittens, puppies to foxes, baby birds to pictures of the set ups each centre had.”

“We are so incredibly busy at the GSPCA it is never easy to get team members away for these sort of experiences but as we did last month we all pulled together so Beckie and Seb could visit the fantastic RSPCA centres.”

“It is so important that we continually try to learn and strive to find out how others are trying to their best for the animals in their care and we communicate with hundreds of animal charities every year and when we can meet those like minded organisations trying to do the best they can for the animals in their care.”

“One amazing organisation we are members of is the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes which is made up of over 140 charities who work together to share best practice and knowledge.”

“Talking of training we hold regular volunteer inductions for those interested in joining our team and the next will be held on Monday 1st October.”

“We also have a Dog First Aid Course to be held on Monday 12th November and you can find out more by going to .”

Our next Volunteer Induction is on Monday 1st October at 630pm and for details

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