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Recently concerns over numbers of unwanted and stray rabbits have been highlighted in Guernsey.

From 2012 to 2013 the GSPCA has seen an increase of 104 to 129 rabbits equating to a 24% rise.

With only 8 stray rabbits in 2012 and 9 in 2013 being reclaimed by owners, the numbers of rabbits have proved a challenge at the Shelter.

Saying this, the good news is that the Shelter has expanded the number of pens to help cope with our hopping little friends.

But the GSPCA is asking that breeders and retailers do consider first where they let rabbits go to, and also that if someone is considering getting a rabbit that there are always rescue bunnies in need at the Shelter and other rescues.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'At the GSPCA we now microchip all rabbits rehomed, get them neutered, deflea them and vaccinate them against myxomatosis.'

'Over the next few months we are working to highlight the numbers of unwanted rabbits by taking one along to the Easter Pop Up Shop we have in Smith Street thanks to OSA Recruitment next week, as well as a few into Market Square next Friday for World Stray Day.'

'It's also National Rabbit Week in May and we are planning to raise awareness of not only the number of rabbits in need, but that they often need much more than a tiny cage at the end of the garden.'

'It is great to hear that Guernsey Animal Aid Cats have arranged this meeting to discuss the number of unwanted rabbits in Guernsey, and the GSPCA Welfare Officer Sarah Creasey will be there to represent and talk about the problems we see with rabbits every day at the Shelter and on welfare calls.'

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