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After checking them all over and making sure who are boys and girls many of the Hamster Haven hamsters are now available for rehoming.

You may have seen or heard of these little critters in the press.  Over 30 in total and we are expecting more to give birth, we are now able to rehome the few males and asking for people to come forward to register their details in they are looking for a female.

Emma Trousdale who collected them from the owner who asked for our help said 'They are all so friendly and very easy to handle.' 'We want those interested to think about the fact that these are nocturnal pets and can live for a few years.'

If anyone would like to adopt one please call 01481 257261, email [email protected] or even just call in.

If those interested would like a hamster and haven't got any cages or equipment we can order it in for them.

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager said 'We are not only appealing for homes but we do need bigger and more cages to prepare for the babies. We also need food and donations to care for them.' ‘We would like to thank those that have already supported us and the first one was adopted yesterday and went to a lovely home.’

To find out more on how to donate for their care click here.


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