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Hedgehogs GuernseyWe are always looking for volunteers to help at the Shelter in a variety of roles. 

With the dramatic increase in hedgehogs over the past 5 months we are appealing for those interested in helping care and clean the hedgehogs here at the Animal Shelter.  In fact we currently have 64 hedgehogs in our care with another on it's way.

Every morning the three rooms bursting with hedgehogs need a thorough clean their evenings exploits.

The hedgehogs that come in to the Shelter come in for many reasons from dog attacks to strimmer injuries, sick to road injuries.

This role involves coming in at 8am in the morning and working alongside the Shelter staff to get the many hospital and hog cages cleaned out and disinfected.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We really need more volunteers to help with our hedgehog and wildlife department.'  'Every Wildlife Shelter find Spring the busiest time of year and it is already hitting us hard.'  'The Shelter has never had so many hedgehogs and now with the baby birds it is more challenging than ever.'  'We are asking potential volunteers to complete a volunteer form and they will be invited in over the next few weeks for a chat and induction.'

The Shelter is also appealing for long white shredded paper with low ink content (not cross shredding) as we are currently going through 4 to 5 bags a day for the hedgehogs bedding.


Volunteers helping raise funds for the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey

You need to be at least 14 years old to help at the Shelter.  If you are younger then you could still help.  If you talk to your parents or guardians they may help you with fund raising for the Animal Shelter.

The Shelter has many other areas where we are looking to recruit volunteers.  The small animal area where we have over 2 dozen rabbits and guinea pigs also need additional help to care for and clean them out in the mornings. 

Here are some of the other ways you can volunteer for the GSPCA.

Dog Walking - to find out more

Dog Walking Volunteer Details

Cat Socialising - for more details

Cat Socialising Volunteer DetailsVolunteer at GSPCA Animal Shelter, Guernsey

Animal Accommodation Cleaner - With over 200 animals in our care there is lots of cleaning to do in the morning and through the day.  Please complete a form and return it to the Shelter if you would like to help care for the animals at the Shelter.

Wildlife Volunteer - Our recent refurbished wildlife unit always has high numbers of birds and a growing number of hedgehogs that require caring for.  We need volunteers to help us with this unit and if you would like to help please complete a form below and return it to the Shelter.  The main part of this role is between 8am and 12pm 7 days a week and we are trying to put a rota together to help assist the wildlife staff. 

Reception and helping answer calls - We are looking to build a team of volunteBaby Hedgehogers to assist the reception staff in their duties to help respond to the enquiries and welfare calls.

Administration - We are a very busy Animal Welfare organisation and if you could help in the office please fill in the form below and get in touch.

Gardening & Grounds Work - We have a lovely rural site that we always need help to care for.

Maintenance & Painting -  Many of our buildings have been standing for some time and need TLC.

Fostering / Hand Rearing - follow this link to see our Fostering page

Link to fostering page

Fund Raising - we are always looking for Volunteers helping raise funds for GSPCA Animal Shelter, Guernseyvolunteers to help with our many fund raising events.  If you can help please fill in an application below and return it to the Shelter.   If you would like to see some of our fund raising events please

Fundraising page

Events & Special Days - We have lots of days to help raise awareness and funds for the GSPCA.

Welfare & Microchipping Events - We are planning to arrange days to help raise awareness and help animals in Guernsey and need your help to run these days.

Van Driving & Night Wardens - We need volunteers to help both in the day and night.  For more details on the Wardens please

Volunteer Animal Wardens - Guernsey GSPCA

We are also looking for a Volunteer Co-ordinator.  If you have some time on your hands and would like to get involved recruiting and training volunteers then please get in touch.

To download an application form please -

Volunteering at the GSPCA Guernsey



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