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The GSPCA since the launch of our special offer of £4.99p has microchipped over 100 dogs and cats.  With nearly 1 in 2 stray cats and dogs that come into the Shelter have no form of ID the GSPCA launched an offer to try and ensure as many pets are chipped as possible.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are so pleased with the number we have chipped so far but there are tens of thousands of dogs and cats in Guernsey and if there are only half that are chipped we still have a long way to go.'

Below are some of the details, facts and figures released last month -

Every month the GSPCA deal with dozens of stray dogs and cats that are found wandering the streets or as road traffic accidents.

In the first quarter of 2012 the GSPCA had 49 cats that had been sadly knocked over and brought into the Shelter.  Unfortunately only 58% have had microchips leaving a further 42% without a microchip or collar for us to be able to find an owner quickly.  It is very upsetting when this happens and even more so when we are not able to inform an owner of the very sad news.

The other stray, welfare and unwanted cats that were brought into the Shelter we found over 50% not having a microchip.  Fortunately some of the owners were found through local radio broadcasts or distraught owners calling the Shelter, but many more never find their owners and the GSPCA then have to find them new homes.

We are graced that with stray dogs it is rare not to find an owner but we still find that many do not have collars with tags to comply with the Control of Dogs Act and without microchips.  In fact during 2011 44% of the stray dogs were found not to have a microchip.

As an average we are seeing more than 2 in 5 dogs and cats aren’t microchipped which prevents us being able to reunite owner and pet quickly.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne said ‘Nearly every day of the year we have at least one stray animal or road traffic accident brought into the Shelter and nearly half of them have no form of identification.’  ‘We are microchipping for only £4.99 and if every pet was chipped it would mean many more animals could be reunited with their owners and it could be done within two phone calls, one to the data base and one to the owner.’

During March and April the GSPCA has been microchipping dogs and cats for only £4.99 and to promote responsible pet ownership we are going to continue this offer Microchip your cat and dog for only £4.99through the month of May.

Another issue we often have are owners not updating their details with the microchip data bases and we would urge all owners to please ensure their details are up to date.  If you unsure on how to do this please get in touch with your animals microchip number and the GSPCA can refer you to the right company.

To find out one of the success stories when we managed to reunite Dipstick the cat please

Dipstick the cat returned to his owner thanks to a microchip - GSPCA, Guernsey



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