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The GSPCA starts this spring on a good foot after a kind donation from the Friends of Wildlife.

£500 was donated earlier this year and the GSPCA has used the funds to put up two soft release runs for the wildlife that we have in our care.  The outside pens will be used to rehabilitate the many wild animals and birds it has brought in that are found sick or injured around Guernsey.

After they are cared for, healthy and of a good weight the animals are placed in the mesh runs to get use to the elements so it is not a shock when they are finally released.

The runs will be used primarily for hedgehogs and the first groups have already been placed in them and will soon be released back in the wild.  They will also be able to double up for small finches and other birds when there aren’t any hedgehogs that are ready for release.

The Shelter is thankful for the Friends of Wildlife very kind donation as without donations and legacies we couldn’t help the thousands of animals that come through our doors every year.

We would also like to thank Ian Power our maintenance man for building them so well and volunteers from the Richmond Group that helped lay the turf in the new runs.

Also a special thanks to Nick Russell Gardening for donating the turf that has been used in the runs and Norman Piette for the discount on the wood as it is very much appreciated.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘We are so thankful to all those that have helped towards getting these runs erected as it will make a real difference and help ensure that wildlife have a better chance when they are released back into the wild.’

Annabelle Janes Animal Care Assistant said ‘It was wonderful when we released the first lot of hedgehogs.’  ‘They really love the new pens and we are looking forward releasing the first group back into the wild.’  ‘Peanut the hedgehog really loved it when he was first introduced to the run and was exploring straight away snuffling about.’

(Hedgehog pictured below is Peanut)


Hedgehogs GuernseyHedgehogs Guernsey

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