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The GSPCA managed to rehome in excess of 300 hundred animals last year.  Monday to Saturday the GSPCA have visitors looking to adopt animals and 7 days a week we receive dozens of emails and enquires, but mostly for dogs and cats.

Unfortunately it is often forgotten that the Shelter currently has a large number of rabbits, a ferret and mouse all looking for homes, all of which are very friendly.

Some of the rabbits have been with us for over 3 months and all are very sweet.  Sahara is one of the biggest and is very inquisitive.  We have Raindrop who is a lop rabbit and is very cute. Vinnie the one eared rabbit who is the cheekiest of them and always wanting to know what you are doing.  Princess a big white female rabbit who like to rearrange her pen.  In fact the Shelter has a dozen rabbits currently in our care most of which were found abandoned or as strays.

Not only are there rabbits looking for homes, we also look after all types of rodents. This weekend we were over joyed when we rehomed our two rats.  But we still have a very lovely mouse called Daffy and the most entertaining ferret called Limirick.

Limirick came in as a stray covered in ticks and fleas.  He was also very grumpy due to the fact he had these infestations and was very hungry.  Now fed and treated he loves playing and following the staff.

Yvonne Chauvel, Senior Animal Care Assistant said ‘I know we shouldn’t but Limirick is my favourite at the Shelter at the moment.’ ‘We was quite grumpy at first but has settled now and he loves to play.’ ‘I’d love to find him a home, especially  someone that likes taking ferrets out for a walk as he loves to follow you and you can get a harness and lead for a ferret.’

If you are interested in adopting any of our animals please pop in, call the Shelter on 01481 257261 or see them all on


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