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Quack, quack


Well it’s that time of year again and people will be sending those large scary, noisey things into the sky.  That’s right I’m quacking about fireworks!!! 


My friends at the GSPCA have issued some advice and I thought I better quack the good advice to help all those pets and animals out there in Guernsey.


They really scare me and my friends!!! We would prefer a nice quiet evening but if you have to then please go to an organised event.


Don’t forget to look for my little hedgehog friends that can be found in bonfires and other little animals before you light them.


Please have a look at the advice the lovely GSPCA folk have written below and be safe everyone.


Quack again soon x x


GSPCA Firework Advice

Fireworks are exciting and pretty to look at and it is fun to celebrate Guy Fawkes with a bang, but for our furry and feathered friends this time of year can be a nightmare. Many animals domestic and wild suffer needlessly every year.

The GSPCA would like to urge everyone follow our animal friendly firework code and protect your pets and the local wildlife.

  • Please make sure that your pets are wearing a collar with an identity tag in case they manage to escape from your home. We would also strongly advise that you have your pets microchipped as this enables us to reunite them with you much more easily should they run away. Please call the GSPCA for further details on having your animal microchipped.
  • Walk your dog during the day.
  • As soon as it gets dark keep your dog or cat inside. Ensure all of the windows and doors are locked including dog and cat flaps.
  • Go to an organised display if you can. If you are having a private firework display then build you bonfire as late as possible to reduce the likelihood of any wildlife taking up residence. Before lighting the fire check the area thoroughly for hedgehogs. We are always saddened by the number of hedgehogs we receive that have suffered severe burns. 
  • Please notify your neighbours of your intentions. Especially the elderly and those who have pets.
  • When horses are startled they are likely to bolt and can suffer serious injuries. Ensure that all horses, ponies and donkeys are securely stabled with the doors closed.
  • Remember to bring guinea pigs and rabbits inside or place under cover in an out building. 
  • Don’t take your dog to a firework display. If you are going out then draw your curtains, put the television or radio on and provide you pet with a safe hiding place so they feel secure.
  • If you know that your pet is frightened by loud noises such as fireworks or has an existing heart condition please contact your vet for advice. They may suggest you try an Dog Appeasing Pheromone diffuser or may discuss the use of sedatives; depending on your pets needs.
  • Please clean up after firework parties. Litter is hazardous to domestic and wild animals.


    Remember NEVER let fireworks off near animals.




If you require further advice please contact the GSPCA on 257261

Gert the Duck Quacks About the GSPCA Fireworks Advice Guernsey



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