Grey seal pup rescued hours after Sami is released in Jersey by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Medics on route to GSPCA

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On Sunday the team all enjoyed releasing Sami the seal pup back into Jersey waters near to where she was rescued back in December.

No-one could have forseen that the Jersey British Divers Marine Life Rescue team who helped Sami and watched her swim free would hours later be rescuing another grey seal pup in need at such an unseasonal time of year.

The young pup has a number of health problems, a lot of nasal discharge and very underweight for its age so has been in the care of New Era Vets and is currently on route to the GSPCA.


Momentous occasion as Sami the first ever Channel Island seal pup to be released in Jersey after being rehabilitated in Guernsey

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Fathers Day has been a very special time for one youngster at the GSPCA.

Sami the grey seal pup who was rescued in Jersey on a cold winters beach close to death at just over 13kgs by the Jersey British Divers Marine Life Rescue Medics has had a long road to recovery.

Less than a third of what she should have weighed at two weeks of age the grey seal pup was extremely lucky to survive.

After her initial first aid in Jersey Sami was flown to Guernsey where she was initially tube fed and treated every two hours day and night.


Sami the seal pup continues with her hungry appetite - see how you can help her care at the GSPCA

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Sami the seal pup continues to improve at the GSPCA.

Sami was rescued on a beach in Jersey just after Christmas starving and unwell.

If she hadn’t have been rescued by the JSPCA and BDMLR volunteers she would have certainly perished.

Nearly two months on from her rescue we are pleased to report she is growing stronger each day and eating at least 20 to 30 mackerel and herring.

The team are extremely pleased with her progress at the GSPCA but she is some months off being strong enough and of a healthy weight to be released back to the wild.


First seal pup of 2017 rescued by BDMLR in Jersey now at the GSPCA with Sami the seal pup

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Yesterday the first Channel Island grey seal pup was rescued of 2017.

Found at Petit Pot in Jersey the young seal pup at only 18kgs so extremely thin with a number of injuries was rescued by the British Diver Marine Life Rescue volunteers and cared for overnight at New Era Vets in Jersey.

This morning the young seal pup was transported with BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic Caroline Stockhill to Guernsey and is now at the GSPCA Wildlife Rehabilitation unit in the seal intensive care room and is next to Sami the seal pup who was rescued in Jersey just after Christmas.


Sami the seal pup eating on her own at the GSPCA - could you help donate to feed her fish and the other animals in our care

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We are pleased to announce that Sami the seal pup rescued in jersey between Christmas and New Years has started eating fish all on her own.

She is extremely thin so it will take months before she is strong enough to release to the wild and it would be wonderful if you could help donate to her care to help towards the fish she will need as well as help the hundreds of other animals in our care.

We will of course keep you up to date with her progress.


Jersey Grey Seal Pup Update at the GSPCA

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Last week a grey seal pup was rescued in Jersey by the JSPCA and BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) which was transported to Guernsey and is now in the care of the GSPCA.

To see the full story of the rescue please visit -


Jersey Grey Seal Pup rescued by the JSPCA & BDMLR now at the GSPCA thanks to Blue Islands

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A grey seal pup was found stranded at the high tide mark on Tuesday 27th December at Bonne Nuit Bay.  The JSPCA, who were initially called by a dog walker that morning, made a call for the BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) to come and assess the pup.

Donna de Gruchy (British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Channel Isles coordinator) said “The pup was found to be a Grey seal (common on our offshore reefs), with a moulted coat indicating the pup would now be weaned from its mother."