Gert says 'Can you give this bear a home at Guernsey Mums 2nd Birthday Party tomorrow?'

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New Friends Needing Homes from the GSPCA

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Thinking of a way your son or daughter can support the GSPCA?  Well from today we have on sale a selection or pooches, a cat and a rabbit all sporting a GSPCA jumper.

We are looking for owners of any age that have love to give to these cuddly little friends.

They don't require a lot of exercise and love a comfy bed.  If you can help one of these fury friends then please pop along to the shelter in St Andrews.  At only £9 each these little guys and girls all need a good and loving home.

Gert the duck asks how many friends are with me this evening?

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Hi Gert the duck here saying hello and hope you've been enjoying all of this wet weather.  My friends and I have really been enjoying it.  In fact there have been puddles that have been so deep we've been able to swim all over the animal shelter.  But don't worry everybody else that wants to be warm and dry the staff are looking after.

I hope you like the picture of me and my friends?  Have a look and see how many are with me and fill in your answers in the comments box below.