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In October 2009 Toby, a ten-year old Yorkshire Terrier, was handed into the Animal shelter for re-homing as his owner had to go into care.  In the previous few months, through no fault of his own, Toby’s owner had been unable to look after him properly and, as a result, his coat was long and matted and he needed some veterinary treatment.  Due to his age, he was one of the more difficult animals to re-home.

I am one of the GSPCA care assistants, and happened by while he was being bathed and I decided that I would like to see if I could give him a home.  I was able to take him on trial to see if he would get on with our other pets and, after a couple of days it was obvious that he would settle in well so we decided to give him a permanent home.

We then bathed him and had him clipped and the Shelter subsequently arranged for him to go to the vet for dental treatment, together with neutering in order to cure his serious prostrate trouble and to have his dew claws removed as they were also causing problems.

Since then Toby has never looked back, he appears to be extremely fit and healthy and has settled in happily with our two cats who were also re-homed from the shelter, B J twelve years ago, and Lucy six years ago, together with Rosie, a Golden Retriever, who was re-homed from the UK in 2001, and who is now fourteen and is still fit and healthy for her age.

Toby is now a very happy and much loved pet, and has more than rewarded us for taking him in.  He is a real joy and has proved that it is well worthwhile taking in an older animal.


Ollie is a budgerigar who is believed to be about eighteen months old, and who was handed in to the Animal Shelter in January as he was being picked on by other birds.   He has no toes on his right foot, but he manages perfectly well without them.  It’s uncertain how it happened, but it is very possible that it was caused by something genetic. 

We have also adopted Ollie, and he has settled in well in a nice new cage.  He was a little strange and subdued at first but we were able to download some recordings of budgies and other Australian birds from the internet and he immediately started joining in and getting excited when we play it. 

Now, after three weeks, he has settled in and is a happy and chirpy young bird.


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