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The GSPCA is proud to announce the start of the first phase of its Rebuild and Redevelopment Plan.

With over 140 years of helping animals in Guernsey and being based at our current location since 1929, the GSPCA provides around the clock care and rescue at the Animal Shelter in St. Andrews.

The Shelter has had many developments over the years moving with the times to help the varied species that come through the door.  Some of the structures date back to the 1950s and are becoming difficult to run and maintain.  The team at the GSPCA and its Managing Committee have been working hard planning for the future.

The new welfare building will help provide a safe haven for animals like Spot, a tiny kitten found all on his own with no mother in sight only a few weeks ago near Admiral Park.  The young kitten was found terrified and full of worms and fleas, but with the care of the staff at the GSPCA he will soon be in a loving new home.

The new building will comprise of a two storey structure that will have multi-purpose use including welfare cattery, quarantine, isolation, animal reception, laundry, electrical substation and more.

It is without doubt the biggest project we have undertaken at the GSPCA.  It is an essential but costly undertaking and to go hand in hand with this project we are launching our exclusive Build Partner programme.

What is the objective of the GSPCA Build Partner programme?

The Build Partner programme is designed to meet the building costs associated with our new £1.3 million multi-purpose animal welfare building.  The building is to replace five existing structures that have become unusable with age.

Our new building will incorporate a welfare cattery, quarantine and isolation facilities, and a secure transfer location while also providing logistical and organisational spaces and facilities for the day-to-day running of the GSPCA.

How does the GSPCA Build Partner programme work?

  • it is a simple partnership designed to meet the funding requirements for the new welfare building
  • 500 individuals or corporate partners
  • join for a 5 year partnership donating £520 annually

What benefits do I gain as a GSPCA Build Partner?

  • the knowledge that you are actively supporting animal welfare and the community
  • the first 25 GSPCA Build Partners to register will be entered into a draw to lay the foundation stone
  • one Build Partner will be selected by draw to help complete the topping out
  • V.I.P. invitation to the opening of the new facilities
  • exclusive rights to use the GSPCA Build Partner logo
  • updates on the progress of the new building
  • should you wish, a personal / corporate profile on the GSPCA website
  • recognition of your support within the new building if desired

How to I become a GSPCA Build Partner?

  • Complete a simple Deed of Covenant and Standing Order form that are available on our website at or by calling the Shelter on 257261 or by emailing [email protected]

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager said “We are all very excited at the GSPCA as the new build we are about to embark on will replace five structures at the Animal Shelter, some of which date back to the 1950’s.”

“The staff ensures all the animals get excellent care at the GSPCA despite the age of many of the buildings, and the New Build is a way we can look to the future of animal care in Guernsey and continue to lead by example.”

“The GSPCA exclusive Build Partner programme is a way that an individual or company can be part of the GSPCA’s future and contribute to something that will stand and make a big difference to animals’ lives and support the community for years to come.”

“Every year thousands of animals are rescued, rehabilitated, rehomed, reunified with their owners, or released back into the wild through the GSPCA: from Spot a tiny kitten found terrified only a few weeks ago to the seal pups Trinity and Eden who were released from Jethou earlier this year.”

“Every day at the GSPCA we make a difference to animals and the community.  We are extremely proud of the work that goes on 24 hours a day 7 days a week and with our wonderful history we hope you can join us in looking to the future.”

John Knight GSPCA President said “The GSPCA has played a major role in the community for the past 141 years, continually evolving and adapting to ensure that it maintains its work for animal welfare, through thick and thin.”

“Some of our welfare buildings and structures are now inefficient and have become difficult to maintain.”

“This new building will replace five aged structures at the Shelter and is a major step in the redevelopment of the Shelter.”

“This new build is a major investment in our future and we need help from the community to aid us in this redevelopment programme.”

“I urge our business leaders and supporters to get behind us, and support this necessary project through our new Build Partner Programme, a scheme designed to fund our new welfare building at an affordable cost.”

For more information please email [email protected]

To visit the GSPCA Build Partner programme page and download a Deed of Covenant and Standing Order form please click here.

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