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Daz Carre who is taking on the Maraton des Sables is on his last leg and another marathon having had an overnight run of 81km which went through Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

Yesterday Daz sent an emotional message to family, loved ones and his supporters - 

'Wow, what an experience this week has been!

Can't say its all been good, some very rocky patches especially yesterday after I got injured :-( Had to complete 81.5km and after only 4km 2 of my knee tendons gave way so had to dose myself up on extremely strong painkillers and walk/shuffle the remaining 77km with no running. Hard, so very, very hard.  

Pretty emotional just typing as it took 23 hours with no stopping, sleeping or very much eating.

50+ degrees for most of it till about 7pm when it considerably cooled enough to rehydrate and just get in the mindset that it had to be done.

Dark times though and its left me a bit scarred with the whole experience.

Only problem left now is completing a marathon 42.2km in a 12 hour cut off on one knee and not a lot of energy.

I'll try my best though for all who have supported me.

The emails have been great, please forward this info on and thank them all.'

Sheryl Carre his very proud wife ' It's such a massive challenge for him to take on and I'm very proud of him for doing it, as we are typing this blog, Daz only has 11 more miles to go and as far as the tracking system goes he's doing it at a very determined pace'

Below is the blog from yesterday and how you can sponsor him or send him a message -

Today Darren Carre is on day 5 of the Marathon des Sables 2014.

Currently Daz is on the 81km (49mile) stage through the night and we are awaiting details. He finished Stage 3 in 7hrs 59 mins and went up to 593rd place. On Monday the second day in an amazing 8 hours 3 minutes and 594th place and his first day in 7 hours 7 minutes and in a fantastic 552nd place.

This Blog is written by the very brave Darren Carre or Daz as his friends know him -

I am currently embarking on an adventure (or torture as some say!) of a lifetime in which I hope to raise £2000 for each of my chosen charities.  So if you've seen me out running in even the most horrific of weather, this is why!!

The Challenge:

To compete in the Marathon des Sables 2014, which is a self sufficient, multi-stage ultra marathon across 150 Miles of Moroccan Sahara Desert.  It’s the equivalent of completing 6 marathons in 7 days in the 50 Degree (c) heat of the Sahara Desert with a 10k pack on your back which contains 7 days worth of food (2000 Kcal minimum per day) and items such as sleeping bag, mat, survival kit etc.  Water is rationed at each checkpoint in the race which is roughly 10k - 15k apart.  The toughest of these stages is Stage 4 which is a 50 mile double-marathon stage which you are given 34 hours to complete.  The terrain covered will range from solid crusty ancient river beds and salt flats right up through small mountain ranges and of course sand dunes as far as the eye can see!  I am giving myself a goal of finishing in the top 500 just to make the challenge a little more interesting !!!!

The Charities:

My two chosen charities are our own "Specsavers Childrens Charity" and the "GSPCA".  If you feel charitable and would like to support my challenge you can donate to my charities on one of these links:

Specsavers Childrens Charity


Sheryl Carre, Daz's wife said 'Daz still running stage four and will be long in to the night. He passed checkpoint 4 at 20:40. Had an email last night, he is loving getting his messages every day so thanks for helping to keep his spirits high guys.'

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager 'We are very grateful to Daz Carre for taking on this huge challenge and nominating us as one of his chosen charities.'

'Anyone who takes on a challenge for charity is a real hero but I think this is one of the biggest challenges anyone has taken on to raise funds for the GSPCA.'

'We are all following his progress at the Shelter, especially as his wife Sheryl works for us and is keeping us up to date.'

If you can spare a minute please send him a note - receiving e-mails when I did it last year was a massive source of strength and the best part of my days out there. Here's the link, and Daz is no.537. Cheers!

To see some of the videos from the race check out


29ème Sultan MARATHON DES SABLES : Good Morning... by marathondessables

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